Apple hired Google experts in a secret laboratory

Apple hired Google experts in a secret laboratory

The Financial Times revealed that Apple has appointed a number of former artificial intelligence experts at Google to bring about a radical change in this sector.

“That's why Apple has been so careful.”

The project, which they have been working on since 2018, if not earlier, reveals that the Financial Times spied on LinkedIn profiles and revealed that 36 AI specialists had gone to John Giannandrea (who himself worked at Google before being hired). Appointed by Apple in 2018). The team in Cupertino. This is strange, because Apple allegedly already talked in late 2013 about the possibility of making Siri part of the “neural architecture of speech recognition.” This is according to Chuck Waters who has experience in AI and an MBA – he has worked at the company for two years.

“Even back then, before the advent of big language models, they were big proponents of neural networks,” says Waters, which makes us wonder why Siri hasn't improved significantly over the years, and why Apple's assistant hasn't exactly become an artificial intelligence. -Smart first.

Ruslan Salakhutdinov of Carnegie Mellon University believes that the problem is that artificial intelligence can give incorrect or “problematic” answers, and that this is the reason for the excess caution. “They can't launch something they can't control,” says Salakhutdinov, who knows a lot about the subject. Apple bought his company Perceptual Machines in 2016 with AI in image generation as an area of ​​expertise.

With iOS 18, Apple will likely introduce ways to control the AI, and how users can report bugs.

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