Apple invites launch – likely to launch new MacBook Pro

Apple invites launch – likely to launch new MacBook Pro

It’s only been a month since Apple’s big iPhone launch, but now they’re inviting you to a new event. On a Tuesday night in Norwegian time, an invitation arrived in our inbox with the simple message “Unleash”.

The launch event will take place next Monday – October 18 – at 19:00 Norwegian time.

Of course, Apple does not write directly what will be shown, but all stocks point to the new MacBook Pro.

Perhaps the word “Unleashed” in the invitation is a reference to the power of machines. After all, Apple computers got a huge performance boost last year with the company’s self-produced M1 chip, which turned out to be the until far away Strong in our tests.

The rumor mill has long believed that a 14- and 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro will be launched, possibly powered by a new M1X chip. Screens will likely also get a solid upgrade from before, and both 120Hz panels and MiniLED technology have been mentioned as potential innovations.

Apple MacBook Air (2020) – M1 OC 7C GPU 16GB 256GB 13″

Whether it’s just security thinking or actual rumors, it’s also hoped Apple will return to Magsafe chargers, i.e. chargers that attach with magnets and can be plucked without shaking the entire computer, as well as an HDMI port and SD card reader. The Magsafe charger has probably made the lives of most Mac owners better, while many professional users are missing out on the last two chargers.

There have also been rumors that the same M1X processor will appear in the redesigned Mac Mini, with more ports than last year’s M1 model.

A third generation AirPods may also be shown, but these seem to be the most obscure rumors. If so, they are expected to have slightly shorter “legs”, and look a bit more like the AirPods Pro variants we’re happy with.

No matter what will be shown, there will be at least a launch! Stay tuned for next time, and together we will find out what will be launched.

Apple Mac mini M1 8GB / 256GB
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