May 28, 2022


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Apple launched an anti-stalking app for Android

We previously wrote that Apple AirTag was hacked shortly after its release, and that the chip goes beyond that Can be used as a monitoring tool. The company has done a few things to prevent this from happening, and using alerts on the iPhone — regardless of whether you’re an AirTag chip owner or not, is a good tool.

The only problem is that this has been limited to iPhone users so far.

Input Detection Tracker

That’s why Apple launched Tracker Detect, an app in the Android Market that helps you detect AirTags or other Find My devices that might be where you’re being tracked.

The way it works is that the app detects and marks unknown AirTags as “Unknown AirTags” if that tag is separated from the owner. Fortunately, you don’t need an Apple account to use the app.

If the chip has been near you for ten minutes or more, you can use the app to play a sound so you can locate the chip more easily. If you have a smartphone with NFC functionality, you can then bring the two devices close together for instructions on how to remove the chip or remove the battery.

An Apple spokesperson commented:

“AirTag offers industry-leading privacy and security features, and today we are extending some of those features to Android devices. Tracker Detect gives Android users the ability to search for AirTags that could be with a person without their knowledge.”

Compatible with other chips

The tracking tag is not necessarily an AirTag. The requirement is that it must be compatible with the Find My function, another example is Chipolo One Spot.

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Engadget reports that there has been a proliferation of cases where AirTag has been misused to conduct malicious tracking. An example from Canada, where thieves used an Apple tracking chip to steal cars.