May 29, 2022


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Apple only has days on it

Apple only has days on it

Apple is trying to stop alternative payment methods in the App Store in Russia at the same time that they are now approaching the same demand in the United States in full swing.

How long can Apple last?

It is the country’s federal antitrust authorities (FAS – “Federal Antimonopoly Service”), which the company is now aiming for. Tim Cook wants the court to consider the matter after FAS gave Apple a September 30 deadline in August to facilitate alternative payment methods, or fine it based on the company’s sales in the state.

According to Russian state-owned, users and developers complained to FAS after discovering that it was cheaper to purchase apps directly from the developer than to go through Apple platforms.

Here’s what FAS had to say about the case in October of this year:

We found that Section 3.1 of the App Store Guidelines prohibits iOS app developers from informing app users of the ability to pay for purchases outside the App Store.

Apple requires iOS app developers to remove links to other Internet links and change the functionality of the apps so that the registration form doesn’t lead to external sites – otherwise the app won’t be eligible for the App Store.

FAS Russia has concluded that Apple is abusing its dominant position in the app distribution market through its own App Store. The agency issued a warning to Apple asking it to end the violations before September 30, 2021.”

The FAS has already fined Apple $12 million for violating competition law. They are said to have restricted Kaspersky Safe Kids after launching their “Screen Time” service in iOS 12. This case has also been appealed by the California company.

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December 9 is approaching Apple

10. November We reported this:

“The same judge as in September Apple has given approval on most points In the case between Apple and Epic Games, it is now setting foot on Apple’s desire to defer the urgent need to make permanent changes to the App Store.”

ITavisen, November 10, 2021.


MacRumors reproduces the content of the judge’s ruling that Apple will not extend its deadline, so December 9 is still the date they have to deal with. The judge stresses that there are several ways for Apple to implement these changes while ensuring user safety – if Apple is really concerned about users’ safety by clicking on a link that logs them out of the program to use an alternative payment method.

ITavisen, November 10, 2021.

Apple has appealed the matter and hopes to have a response from the Ninth Circuit Appeals Panel by Wednesday, December 8.