Apple promises “new worlds” — and the Xros has revealed it again

Apple promises “new worlds” — and the Xros has revealed it again

It seems that Apple is almost giving up on the rumors surrounding its first headphone.

UP, 19:33:

New information from team expert Ross Young points to a 4K resolution for each eye, an insane deafness value of 5,000, and a PPI of around 3,852.

“new worlds”

Right now, they’ve emailed the developers a week before next Monday’s press conference, calling on the developers to “code for new worlds” — for most people, with so many VR leaks, this is a clear hint in the direction of VR and AR. As if that’s not enough, developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered something interesting in App Store Connect for developers: references to “xrOS”.

When trying to submit an app for the new platform, Apple gives the error message “Incorrect platform. You have included the xros arm64 executable in your iOS package. Only ios executables can be included.” There are also screenshots with the name “realityOS”, which is supposed to be the name of xrOS before they changed their name. As you know, Apple has already registered “xrOS” as a trademark.

In addition to the headset, iOS 17 and other new operating systems, at least three new Macs are expected:

  • Upgrade Mac Studio to M2
  • iMac with M2
  • Macbook Air 15″

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