May 29, 2022


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Apple should have done it with the iPhone 14 — also warns a 48-megapixel wide-angle next year

At the same time with Ming-Chi Kuo Reports indicate that iPhone 13 sales are better than iPhone 12Now, he reveals, there are even more reasons to look forward to the iPhone 14.

This will happen next year

Kuo says again that the large area of ​​TouchID will be gone in the next year, and instead needs no more space than a small circle centered in front of the board – as Android mobiles have done for many years (although no face-push is required).

So far, not much has been revealed about Kuo this time around, but he says the launch next year will be traditional (ie in September).

There will also be an updated iPhone SE with 5G in the first half of next year.

Do you prefer a cheap Apple mobile?

John Prosser claims he already has Set iPhone 14, at least technical drawings (if any), and says the camera block will fit into the “chassis”.

In this case, the 14 would be a much bigger upgrade, but only if battery life didn’t get worse this year as Apple made the 13 models fatter to fit a better panel and at the same time better battery life than last year’s models.

The way forward as analyzed by Ko

Click the link above to read Mark Gurman’s Apple leaks/predictions, but let’s consider a recent Ming-Chi Kuos analysis for years to come.

First: TouchID at the bottom of the screen. This won’t happen until 2023 – at first I thought this would happen in the fall of 2022. Note that analyzes for the next several years should always be done with a pinch of salt, but with continued mask orders, it seems like a logical plan.

We’ve heard about the foldable iPhone within a few years, and analysts have often said that’s several years away. Kuo’s latest analysis is a launch for this in 2024.

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