Apple Vision Pro, Price | Vision Pro: This is how Apple’s AR glasses are

Apple Vision Pro, Price |  Vision Pro: This is how Apple’s AR glasses are

Apple surprised at the WWDC 2023 event by confirming and launching a brand new product – Vision Pro. And not just any AR glasses, but a product that almost brings working tools from the sci-fi movie “Minority Report” into the world, for those who understand that reference.

Apple says it has been developing the hardware for years, and has applied for more than 5,000 patents for the product.

– Vision Pro is the beginning of a new era, ahead of other products by years and unlike anything else, says Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

He believes this will be the beginning of “spatial computing,” or what is called spatial data processing.

Augmented reality glasses allow you to see the room or what’s around you, but with the option to display various programs, applications, and work windows wherever you want in the room in front of you. For example, a browser window or a movie.

Apple demonstrates how users can place a number of different windows in three dimensions in front of their eyes. All the user needs to do to activate the zones is to turn their head and look at the window. Devices are also controlled by voice and hand gestures.

Apple promises “unlimited screen space and completely new ways to multitask.”

With Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad support, users can set up their ideal workspace or wirelessly take advantage of the powerful features of their Mac in Vision Pro, creating a massive, private, portable 4K display with incredibly sharp text. press release.

Thus, the Vision Pro connects wirelessly to a mouse and keyboard, theoretically allowing you to write emails and work like a regular Mac, but where the screen in front of you is almost unlimited. Vision Pro runs on a newly developed operating system called VisionOS and also gets its own AppStore with specially modified apps.

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The device is relatively large, and strictly speaking looks like ski goggles. The first presentations show that the Vision Pro is not completely wireless, but has a cable that extends to an additional battery pack that the user has in his pocket (for two hours of battery life) or plugged into the mains.

According to Apple, this is a slightly inelegant solution to prevent users from carrying the weight of the battery on their heads.

The glasses are equipped with a wide array of cameras and sensors to record the surroundings around the wearer and monitor eye movements. People who wear glasses in another way may have Vision Pro specially adapted to their vision. The two displays in front of the eyes have a “super” resolution thanks to micro-OLED technology and show a total of 23 million pixels in HDR.

With one screen per eye, Apple also promises the best 3D movie experience in the world.

The user who puts the glasses on their head can decide how “transparent” the glasses are using the Digital Crown, and other people in the room will look at the glasses if the person sees them or is “sucked inside” the glasses. If the person gets close enough, the glasses will automatically make the person’s eyes visible on the front screen. This technology is called EyeSight.

Apple has developed a new processor for Vision Pro called the R1, which together with the M2 processor forms the brain of the product.

It’s a completely new 3D interface engine that will make digital content look and feel like it exists in the user’s physical world. The M2 processor works as we know it from other Apple products, while the R1 chip’s job is to process data from the various eyeglasses sensors (twelve cameras, five other sensors, including lidar, and six microphones).

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One of the most impressive things Apple has shown is how glasses can replace a bulky flat screen in an entire home and project 4K movies directly to your eyes. However, they are not particularly social…

With Apple Vision Pro, the movie experience becomes completely different, if we are to believe Apple.

The Vision Pro also wouldn’t be outright affordable. Apple announced a price of $3,499 in the US, which quickly becomes 40,000 kroner in Norway at today’s exchange rate. In addition, value added tax is added. Augmented reality glasses will be launched in 2024.

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