Apple was mocked for its new Magic Mouse

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Apple was mocked for its new Magic Mouse

Six and a half years and still the same problem.

On Tuesday this week, Apple launched a bunch of new products, including the new and inexpensive iPhone, iPad Air, and the all-new Mac Studio.

Along with the new Mac Studio, the company has also upgraded its computer mouse Magic MouseIt is now 6.5 years since it was first introduced to the market. The only difference from the previous one is the color in which it is now available, namely black and silver.

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But it’s not the lack of new features or new color that keeps tech journalists around the world reacting, but the fact that it’s still shipping via an on-line connection. underside of mouse.

– Apple simply asks users to put the gadget on its back, like a beetle with its legs straight in the air, and connect the cable, he writes the edgeindicates how stupid it is to have a charging solution that renders the mouse useless while charging.

Criticism is not new. Since the Magic Mouse was first launched at the end of 2015, testers have pointed out how dumb the charging solution can be. We at Tek also gave a boost to the “dumb charging solution” in our testing.

Since then, Apple has regularly updated the Magic Mouse with new colors, but it hasn’t done anything with desperate shipping.

And if there is any doubt, other wireless mice have long found a better solution to this problem. For example, once the charging connector is on the front so that it looks like a normal wired mouse while charging.

A number of gaming mice have taken it a step further and offer wireless charging via the mouse pad, such as Logitech G-Pro Or the Razer Mamba Hyperflux.

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