Apple Watch Series 7 has a new design

Apple Watch Series 7 has a new design

But it is not new that many thought.

It was expected that Apple would present a new Apple Watch, but it nevertheless did not appear as many had thought. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a new design, but according to many rumors we will see a much more angular look.

It wasn’t, and the Apple Watch Series 7 appears to be slimmer and narrower than today’s Apple Watch.

Screen bezels have been shrunk to just 1.7mm, and the always-on display should now be much brighter than before. About 70% more powerful than the current Apple Watch Series 6.

Whether it’s because of the new, larger screen or new software, Apple prides itself on having room now for more text on the screen. Something they showed in a compelling image:

The new, larger screen will also be more resistant to dings and scratches, and is now IP6X certified. The glass is also 50 percent thicker than before.

The processor and sensors appear to be exactly the same as on the 6 Series, and the battery life should be up to 18 hours.

One small advantage of the new watch, however, is that it’s sold with a better USB-C charger, rather than USB-A, which makes it 33 percent faster. 8 minutes of charging time should be enough to last for 8 hours. Very nice if you want to charge it quickly before going to bed, so you can use your watch’s sleep meter.

The aluminum version of the watch comes in five colors:

  • black
  • Nawras
  • blue
  • red
  • dark green

Plus, it comes in titanium, stainless steel, and a separate Nike variant.

There are also a few new dials in place, which take advantage of the new big screen.

Surprisingly, Apple will continue to sell the Apple Watch Series 3, as well as the Apple Watch SE. In the US, prices are set at $199, $279, and $399, respectively.

A price has not been set for Apple’s Norwegian Store, but it says the Series 7 will be available later this fall.

Apple Watch Series 7
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