Apple: – We can change our minds

Apple: – We can change our minds

“Apple no longer has a good reason not to bring touch to the Mac.”

Gorman believes Apple has been developing touch-enabled Macs for several years

That's according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who points to a recent interview Wall Street Journal technology journalist Joanna Stern gave Apple. Above Stern, the company stated that “the Mac is for indirect manipulation,” but added that it was not impossible that they would change their minds. And that's exactly what Gorman believes they did: they completely changed their minds. The journalist revealed in January last year that the iPad Pro with OLED technology would be launched in the first half of this year.

In the same X post, Gorman refers to a disclosure article he published in January of last year. There, he revealed, among other things, that “Apple is adding touchscreens to Macs, a move that would challenge long-held orthodoxy at the company and embrace an approach that co-founder Steve Jobs once described as “ergonomically terrible.”

ITavisen believes

We also think it doesn't make sense to differentiate between MacBook and iPad, as it's been a long time since iPadOS got mouse support, and the Magic Keyboard is an absolute must-have for all iPads from 11 inches and above. The problem is a software solution that we don't think Apple has figured out, because the interface would have to change, perhaps automatically by touch. That's our opinion, but Gorman hints in the trend that Apple has a different strategy and may want to keep large parts of the interface.

“Even with the retreat from touchscreens, Apple is not actively working on combining iPad and Mac operating systems,” people familiar with the situation said. “The first touch-enabled Macs will likely use macOS.”

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The company has long been criticized for not particularly supporting multitasking with the iPad Pro, and when it added more advanced multitasking, it wasn't the best return. Instead, it looked like they went out of their way to avoid a solution closer to macOS. We think Apple will release touch-enabled Macs, but then they'll have to do something other than “Stage Manager.”

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