June 27, 2022


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Apple's hottest product at risk of being delayed until 2023

Apple’s hottest product at risk of being delayed until 2023

Mark Gorman has been on the ball regarding Apple’s VR/AR headset.

Apple will likely have to release its first new product since 2015 (Apple Watch)

He’s said several times that WWDC 2022 is likely to be the scene in which we’ll see what might be Apple’s most important product in the future, especially when it’s reduced to a pair of glasses.

But now Gorman reports that although the plan was to reveal everything at the June developer conference, “Apple is considering delaying the debut for at least a few months,” Bloomberg reports, citing people with knowledge of Apple’s plans. interior.

Using augmented reality glasses, the user can manipulate reality using digital tools:

Apple struggles to adequately cool the headset

Gurman believes not only that Apple’s original plan was to unveil the headset this summer, but also to launch it later this year — now those plans are in jeopardy due to issues with overheating, cameras and software.

In other words, it may be revealed later this year and launched next year, the insider explains to Bloomberg.

Apple’s most optimistic plan was to unveil the headset 2021 And start sales this year. The product must be in development since 2015.

VR is a classic Apple product line in the sense that there are a number of products out there, but the main market appeal like the iPhone or Apple Watch isn’t Facebook/Oculus or HTC/Valve soon. Apple has studied the market for several years as it usually does, and then launched something that has a higher chance of success.

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