Apple’s new problematic devices: Dramatically reduce performance when working under heavy loads

Apple's new problematic devices: Dramatically reduce performance when working under heavy loads

Both Pro and Air models run hot under heavy loads. Writes digital trends.

iFixit I disassembled the air machine this week and found it had no cooling block.

Can’t be cooled

The site believes that this is the cause of the problems that many owners of air have with overheating. The fact that the device does not have a cooling block gives limited opportunities for heat conduction away from the processor.

As a result of overheating, Apple is drastically limiting performance on affected M2 devices.

Product test Vadim Yurviv in Max Tech He writes on Twitter that he has also detected a significant performance drop on new Pro devices when heavily loaded. He thinks it’s pretty clear that machines need better cooling.

Since the fans operate at full capacity under a heavy load, there is no other way to cool them than to reduce performance. Thus, the machines perform worse than their predecessor, the M1, he concludes.

M2 . chip

In June, Apple released the new M2 chip on the market. The chip is based on the second generation’s five-nanometer production process and, according to Apple, offers 18 percent higher CPU performance per watt than the M1.

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It will also provide a 35 percent faster graphics processor, and a 40 percent faster AI (Neural Engine) processor, according to Apple.

Apple chose to downsize the Air model when it arrived in June.

19990 NOK

The company has mapped out both the weight and waist width on the new laptop. MacBook Air is 11.3 mm thick, and weighs a modest 1.2 kg.

The manufacturer says that the overall size of the machine is reduced by 20 percent thanks to more efficient integration of components. Perhaps it was at the expense of cooling.

MacBook Air with M2 has a NOK price of NOK19,990 for the version that has eight GB of memory, 512 GB of storage and a Tec Core graphics processor.

It is also offered in a slightly more affordable version with an octa-core graphics processor and 256 GB of storage for 15,990 NOK.

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