Are US troops coming too ?: Haiti FBI raids after presidential assassination.

Are US troops coming too?
FBI calls for help in presidential assassination

The assassination of Haitian President Moss by a murderous force leaves a power vacuum in the country. FBI investigators are now expected to travel to Haiti. The Caribbean government is also reportedly asking for US troops.

Following the assassination of Haitian President Joanel Moss, US officials are expected to assist in the investigation. At the request of Haiti, senior officials from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security will soon be sent to the capital, Port-au-Prince, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said. The New York Times quoted Haitian election minister Matthias Pierre as saying that the United States, a former occupying power, had been asked to send troops. However, this was not initially confirmed.

Meanwhile, three more suspects have been arrested. In all, the Caribbean National Police said 20 people had been arrested since the attack. There are 18 men from Colombia and two Americans of Haitian descent. According to police, the five killers are still large. Three men were killed.

Moss, 53, was attacked at his home Wednesday night and then shot. His wife Martin was seriously injured. It is now being treated in the United States. According to police, Moss’ assassination was carried out by 28 foreign mercenaries. It is not yet clear from whom the order was received.

Moss is not popular in the country

Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano confirmed the involvement of his country’s citizens. According to initial reports, they are ex-players, Molano said in a video. According to a report in the New York Times, the two arrested Americans claimed to have hired translators. The real plan is to bring Moses to the National Palace – but not to kill him. Pocheit Edmund, the US ambassador to Haiti, described the attackers as agents of the US drug firm DEA.

This attack leaves a power vacuum in the Caribbean. With one parliamentary election scheduled for October 2019 canceled due to violent protests against Moss, among other things, there will be no parliament functioning since January 2020. Moss has since ruled by decree. Shortly before his assassination, he appointed neurosurgeon Ariel Henry as interim prime minister on Monday. His predecessor Claude Joseph was initially in office.

Moss, who has been in office since 2017, was considered the most infamous. He was subject to corruption, association with brutal gangs and authoritarian tendencies. Demonstrations have paralyzed Haitian time again for the past three years. Most recently, bloody clashes between gangs controlling parts of the capital have displaced thousands of people. So far, presidential and parliamentary elections and a constitutional referendum are scheduled for September 26.

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