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John Hagen Joel, the chief epidemiologist at Wagon, was a little disappointed.

In recent weeks, they have gained a lot of modernity and little Pfizer. And what they get from Pfizer is that they use it to vaccinate 16- and 17-year-olds.

– Then the dose will be two moderna, says Joel.

But not everyone likes it.

Some have left our vaccination rooms without taking two doses, where they argue with vaccinators about what type they should have.

– Our coordinator or vaccinators can do nothing about this. We are at the mercy of what we can get from the FHI.

Joel hopes that as many people as possible will now be vaccinated to control the spread of the corona virus.

Photo: Ingvild Aaen Torpe / NRK

No need to worry

Today, the municipality posted information about this on its website.

“Some people want to avoid getting Moderna as Dose 2. We think this is unfortunate and unsubstantiated.” It says.

Joule makes it clear that people have no reason to worry:

– Results in countries where this has been done for a very long time show that there is no high rate of serious side effects. It is the same type of vaccine.

– The security you receive is at least as good.


Wagon Municipality is located in the Northland and has a population of over 9700. Here from Henningswar.

Photo: imageBROKER / Gerhard Zwerger-Scho / imageBROKER

Provides support

Steiner Matson, the medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, says he himself receives numerous phone calls about it.

People wonder what the risk is and ask for advice.

He can promise:

– These vaccines are linked in many countries and we have a lot of experience. We did not find anything unusual.

– These are two similar vaccines with side effects and level of protection.

Steiner Matson, medical director of the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Agency, says contraception has some serious side effects.

Taking the vaccine given to you is Matson’s clear motivation.

Photo: Norwegian Pharmaceutical Agency

Pfizer also says that you must take the vaccine that is given to you:

From a medical perspective, Norwegian health officials are right: it does not matter which dose of MRNA vaccine is two, the main thing is that it is important that you get vaccinated, Pfizer, the medical director in Norway, told Enrique.

This is what the FHI says

Khair Bukolm of NIPH says the proportion of the population receiving vaccines from two manufacturers varies between districts and municipalities.

He is the assistant director and head of the vaccination program.

The NIPH also points out that the reports point to “the very high vaccine efficacy of the Moderna vaccine against delta variation”.

– These are the data for the performance of the first dose of Moderna, which is very high. And Moderna Data indicating two-dose efficacy.

We do not have good documentation as to whether the performance of the Pfizer and Moderna combination is equivalent to two doses of Moderna, but we believe that Moderna would benefit from a second dose in a situation where delta variation dominates. Email.

One type is to vaccinate everyone completely otherwise the vaccination program will be delayed for at least 2-3 weeks.

– To the question of whether anyone is skeptical about mixing vaccines, the answer is yes, but many people choose to get vaccinated when they are assured that it does not pose a greater risk than receiving two doses from the same manufacturer.

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