Armand Duplantis – Scandal Scenes: – Just pee!

Armand Duplantis – Scandal Scenes: – Just pee!

Armand Duplantis took gold in Glasgow on Sunday, despite having a poor performance in the competition. But he got more than a 5.85 on the third try, and from there it all worked out. He also received the best award in the world this year to the delight of the audience.

Nerves are fraying

In the pole events, there were a couple of horrific injuries on the women's side, but also several strange events.

On Friday, shot putter Roger Steen threw the shot outside the shooting strip. The ball rolled down the running track in the middle of a continuous race of 1,500 metres. On Saturday, Carey McLeod jumped over the long hole.

horror photos

horror photos

Swede Armand Duplantis, the world's best pole vaulter for a number of years, is in Glasgow. He interacts with the scenes.

He adds: – It's really a circus Express.

He himself warns the newspaper to be careful and tries to control the hall in Glasgow to avoid accidents.

– I'm trying to be calmer with the pole and do better technically with the jump.

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He points out that it is not the pole vaulters who bear the greatest risk, but those who, for example, run right next to them. It reacts to a lot of what happened in Glasgow.

“It's just piss, but that's how it happens,” he concludes.

Narvi Gilgi Nordas disappointed and finished fifth in the 1500m on Sunday evening. Then, he got angry at the organizer.

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