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Bilde tatt på åstedet i Gråtådalen, Beiarn, søndag 20. mars 2022.

The Armed Forces Logistics Organization did not have the opportunity to give an interview, but it answers NRK’s ​​questions in writing. Below are the answers of Malin Fagerhus, Head of the Support Categories Department in the Logistics Organization of the Armed Forces.

– Why did you go for direct purchase?

– The area of ​​the accident is in a rugged area in Bjarne outside Bodø, and parts of the planes had to be found, chopped up and transported to Bodø Air Base before the area grew again due to the arrival of spring. Therefore, it was necessary to remove debris. All debris should be removed as a result of belonging to another country and being part of their investigation. So it was not possible to meet the public procedure deadlines in Part III of the Public Procurement Regulations (FOA), and there is a legal basis in the FOA to exempt procurement from advertising.

– How did you land on the chosen resource?

– The task was first sought to be resolved using an existing framework agreement for helicopter services, but the scope became too large and the supplier announced that unfortunately he was unable to determine the overall scope of the mission. The United States Marine Corps (USMC) had a dialogue with the identified supplier early in the investigation phase. The supplier has the necessary local knowledge to solve the task.

– There are many operators who can take the task, they asked? Why why not?

See the answer above.

– We spoke to a supplier who would have made an offer for the assignment, if asked. Thoughts about this?

– In this case, there was no time and opportunity to conduct a major market research to search for other potential suppliers.

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How was the contract value of 48,500,000 arrived at?

– It’s a matter of negotiation between the supplier and the USMC.

The accident happened on March 18. The contract was concluded on May 30. Isn’t two months enough to complete the competition? Why why not?

– When the task reached the FLO, there was not enough time to conduct market research, design the basis for competition, qualify suppliers, evaluate offers and possibly. Negotiations by May 15, 2022.

– If there is no time for a perfect competition, why not use other alternatives? (Limited bid competition or competition with negotiation after prior announcement, etc.)

See previous answers.

The contract was concluded on May 30. So why does it take a month before the contract is announced?

– Based on the internal issue processing time.

– When will the work end?

Work has been completed and an inspection report is available. Residual materials such as plastic tape, helicopter paint, etc. removed these days.

– In the advertisement you write: The task is short in duration, clearly defined and limited to what is absolutely necessary. What is in this? What is required and what is not?

The mission’s time frame was short-lived and the mission was limited to cleaning debris from the accident area only.

– Who takes the final bill?

US Marine Corps

What is the extent of the challenge that the armed forces consider in the cleaning process?

Debris was removed in a demanding area that had to be exposed periodically due to bad weather. In addition, fuel is pumped and air compressors deflated in a safe meeting. The accident area was also to be inspected and approved in accordance with the requirements and environmental standards that follow Norwegian law. The task is challenging, but Arctic Aviation has done a very thorough job in terms of cleaning up the accident site and with respect to the Norwegian Environment Agency, the Armed Forces can ensure that the cleaning is carried out in a satisfactory manner.

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