Arne Olav Brundtland is dead

Arne Olav Brundtland is dead

Gro Harlem Brundtland's husband died on Friday evening, Aftenposten was informed.

Case updated

Arne Olav Brundtland is 87 years old.

– Spokesman John Marland tells Optenposten that he slept soundly on Friday night.

Brundtland married Norway's first female prime minister. He had to design the new role himself. He told about this in his book “Married with Gro” published in 1996. This was followed by the publication of the book “Fortsatt gift med Gro” in 2003.

In 1975, Gro Harlem Brundtland was Minister of Environmental Protection and Deputy Leader of the Labor Party.  The husband had to pack his wife's suitcase before she left for the campaign.

Brundtland is a political scientist and worked as a researcher at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute. Primarily, he worked with the Soviet Union and European security policy. It was a very important field during the Cold War.

Between Prime Ministers: Arne Olav Brundtland poses with Prime Ministers Kjell Magne Pontevik, Jens Stoltenberg, Kro Harlem Brundtland and Corey Viloch during the 2014 Constitution Anniversary.

Considered to be contesting for the position

Arne Olav Brundtland married Gro Harlem in 1960. They had four children.

When Gro Harlem Brundtland's political career began, it caught the attention of many that her husband had a background from the Conservative Party.

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In 1981, he considered running for the Conservative Party in the general election. His wife, who was then Prime Minister of the Labor Party, protested.

“She didn't say it in ordinary words, but I felt that if I stood in the nomination race and came to the Storting, it might be like a recent divorce.”

At the press conference, when the book “Married Crow” was presented, he said that the “spirit of society” or the spouse, was not ready to observe equality at that level.

He assured the press that he was not bitter that his own life was put on hold by his partner.

Henry Kissinger visited Oslo in 2016 when Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize.  Here he met Arne Olav and Gro Brundtland.  All three attended Harvard University during their careers.

Prime Minister: An important supporter

In an email to Aftenposten, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said he was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Arne Olav Brundtland.

– He is a prolific researcher, writer and communicator of foreign and security policy in post-war Europe. He has contributed important insights and understanding for decades, with particular emphasis on developments in the Nordic region.

Storr emphasizes Brundtland's importance to his wife and his career.

– Arne Olav was a politician, party leader and most important supporter of Crowe and the family during his time as Prime Minister, and subsequently in his international positions and engagements.

Prime Minister Arne Olav knew Brundtland well.

– I know Arne Olav as a close, determined and happy person. I have many good memories with him from our many trips together both domestically and abroad. “My thoughts now go primarily to Crowe and the immediate family,” he says.

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Arne Olav Brundtland, Corey Willoch and Ernba Solberg during the funeral of Thorwald Stoltenberg in 2018.

Solberg offers his condolences

Conservative Party Leader and former Prime Minister Erna Solberg offered his condolences to the family.

– So sad to hear that Arne Olav Brundtland has passed away. My condolences and warmest thoughts to Crowe and his entire family. Take care of each other in grief for a good man who lived a long and fulfilling life, he says in an email.

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