Arnis News | Watch the thief in front of the camera: – Disgusting

Arnis News |  Watch the thief in front of the camera: – Disgusting

In Rooney, someone slipped in the dark on Sunday night. What he probably didn't know was that the whole thing was captured on film.

A person who received an unauthorized visitor found it unpleasant, even if nothing of great value was stolen.

– No, it's disgusting for people to walk around the house. He was with some neighbors too, says the homeowner, whose pictures of the thief were captured on the surveillance camera. Here you can see that the person is taking some bike wheels with him.

– Found again

The thief didn't get much value.

“My daughter found them again in the street last night, so he only took the lock and some parts for the garden hose and the garden sprinkler,” says one Ronnie resident, who does not want his name and photo to appear in the newspaper. Raumnis saw confirmation that the relationship was reported on Monday.

Trying to figure it out

Police station chief at Eidsvoll police station, Bernt Ingar Jarin, says the police take such cases seriously.

– When we are sent such photos and videos, we first try to see if anyone is recognizable. “Then it also happens that we send photos and videos to Östed Norway,” he says, referring to the robbery that took place in Niskolen at the end of April and which was featured in the popular TV 2 program on Sunday.

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