Arrested again – VG

Arrested again - VG
Cause trouble in Hawaii: Ezra Miller, 29, struggled with the long arm of the law on the idyllic island.

Hollywood star Ezra Miller got into trouble with the police for the second time in a month in Hawaii.


Well-known actor from movies like We have to talk about Kevin.“The Flash” was arrested Tuesday in Hawaii, Entertainment Weekly writes.

According to the site, he was arrested after an argument at a gathering in a private place.

According to the police report, he was arrested after being disturbed when he was asked to leave the premises. He allegedly threw a chair that hit the head of a 26-year-old woman. The woman sustained an injury but did not want to be treated for the injury.

Miller was arrested in the car soon after. Miller was arrested in Hawaii Earlier this month, he was charged with misconduct after rioting at a karaoke bar.

According to the Associated Press, Miller must have received at least ten calls to the police about Miller since March 7 for minor accidents. He is said to have photographed people at a gas station, argued with people and refused to leave the sidewalk outside a restaurant.

He also had a restraining order against a couple that was later withdrawn. The couple alleged that Miller entered their hostel room and threatened them and stole several belongings, including a passport and wallet.

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