Art, Public Buildings | Buying art for public spaces?

Art, Public Buildings |  Buying art for public spaces?

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This spring we have seen two wonderful art exhibitions here in Kvenherad. Galerie Panken in Ulf held the exhibition “Take the Piano” with Hans Sande in April/May. Galleri G Guddal now houses an exciting exhibition of watercolours by Lasse Berntzen, called “Natura Arte”.

“The black keys/ Clinging together/ Longing to break free/ And to make a sound/ But the black breast holds its breath/ No note escapes/ No lament should be sounded,” Sandy wrote in one of the poems associated with Picture Fetch.

The alternation between powerful texts and poignant images made me think again about how important it is for art to be accessible to everyone. This exhibit should be purchased and displayed in public buildings. Gorgeous, large sculptures with imagination, humor and seriousness. It was also created to meet young people in the building of the Culture School, I thought then, and now then.

“Here, the artist demonstrates his profound commitment to irreplaceable nature and vulnerable wildlife – now threatened from all sides,” the Goodall Gallery said in the invitation to Lasse Berntzen’s exhibition. It was a beautiful experience. Move from one image to another with nature, animals, birds and templates. One of the images contains a template that changes color depending on the surrounding environment. “Here we see the value of art,” Gunnar Danbolt said when he opened the exhibition and reminded us how important it is to dare to know who we are by coming forward with opinions and ideas. The special thing about art is that we remember. There is something different about art than what we usually see.

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The color-changing mold, Berntzen's nature images and all the birds and sculptures by Hans Sande will serve as great starting points for conversations with children and young people about being human. At the very least, these images will be a source of wonder, delight, and value to all who see them and experience contemplation and the ability to “play the little piano.”

Previously, Kvinherad Municipality had a specialized art committee that was supposed to recommend/purchase artworks for public spaces. This is an important municipal mission and I hope it continues to exist in one form or another. If not, politicians and the current administration should know the dates of their visit.

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