Artificial Intelligence Caucus on Wall Street |

Artificial Intelligence Caucus on Wall Street |

A minute after the start of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq index rose 0.7 percent, reaching 16,857.93 points, while the Dow Jones index rose 0.1 percent, reaching 38,723.06 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 0.4 percent to 5,297.09 points.

The yield on ten-year US government bonds is 4.46 percent, while the VIX index, also called the fear index, is rising 1.6 percent to 13.13.


GameStop shares rose as much as 64.2% on speculation that Keith Gill, who goes by the name Roaring Kitty on X and YouTube, has taken a big position in the video game retailer.

It must be a generation I posted a picture On social media, she owns five million shares of GameStop stock, worth more than $115 million based on Friday's price. The account also showed a position of 120,000 call options on GameStop.

Amnesty International

On Sunday, Nvidia announced its next generation of artificial intelligence chips under the name “Robin,” which will replace the previous “Blackwell” model that was announced in March. On Monday, it was AMD's turn to update the market on its new AI chips, which will compete with Nvidia and Intel.

“AI is our top priority, and we are at the beginning of a very exciting time for the industry as AI transforms almost every business, improves our quality of life and reshapes every part of the computing market,” said Lisa, AMD Chairman and CEO. Su, during the Computex technology conference in Taipei, according to CNBC.

Shortly after trading picked up on Wall Street, Nvidia stock rose 3.5% while AMD rose 1.7%.

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Later this week, new US labor market figures will be published. According to Handelsbanken, job growth is expected to rise from 175,000 in April to 190,000 in May. The unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged at 3.9 percent, while hourly wage growth is expected to rise by 0.3 percent month-on-month.

“In this case, it will not be these numbers that will immediately give the Fed the peace it seeks, and at the moment the market is still on the edge of whether there will be an ‘early’ rate cut like in September,” Handelsbanken writes. In the update.

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