Artificial Intelligence: – Cautions: – Checkmate

Artificial Intelligence: – Cautions: – Checkmate

The absolutely fantastic movie Philly has taken the internet by storm. With nearly 300,000 followers, she regularly shares photos from a seemingly luxurious life. The comments section is overflowing with compliments.

More people want to be like her, dreaming far into the lavish, almost perfect life.

What everyone may not realize is that “Feli” isn’t real. Computer generated with artificial intelligence.

Mila is not real

– Women’s mental health is already shaken by unrealistic ideals. Fake influencer doesn’t help, tech expert Hans-Peter Nygaard-Hansen tells Dagbladet.

The issue has been discussed for the first time before TV 2.

– tsunami

It can be claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) is the main topic of the year. Many people have probably seen photos and profiles generated by artificial intelligence for a long time. Now experts think it’s about to get scary.

– Development is going very fast. It’s like a tsunami, says Nygård Hansen.

The technology expert is highly critical of the fact that it is not often expressed enough that “Feli” is just a computer creature.

– That’s deeper. “Philly” looks so real that many people are unable to realize that this is a fake, he says.

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Nygård-Hansen points out that his 17-year-old daughter follows the profile, and she didn’t seem too sure this wasn’t a real person.

– He’s very sick. He says we’re talking about “Philly” by her first name and giving her human adjectives.

– proud

TV 2 interviewed the woman behind the Instagram profile. She wishes to remain anonymous. She tells the channel that she likes the idea of ​​creating something beautiful, as an artist, but with her own signature.

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The woman did not respond to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

As for expert comments, the mastermind behind Philly says she’s primarily proud that people don’t realize the person isn’t real.

– This means that my KI is of quality, she explains to TV 2 and continues:

– At the same time, it is important for me to be transparent and open about the fact that my images are created by artificial intelligence.

She wants to be everyone's sweetheart

She wants to be everyone’s sweetheart

Necessary action should be taken

AI expert Magnus Revang works as the “Senior Product Officer” for an AI company in New York. He tells Dagbladet that there are many other things that worry him more than pictures of “Feli”.

– There are a lot of mistakes you can do with AI. This case is not one of them. Revang tells Dagbladet that she is open about the images that are being created.

He points out that action should nevertheless be taken.

– You must note if the image has been manipulated, you must also be obligated to note that the image has been generated by AI, says the expert.

Revang believes that politicians have slept the whole hour if it is true that you are not obligated to label images with the fact that they are AI generated.

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The legislation is weak, not the “Fili” account on Instagram.

– The authorities must get the ball

Nygård-Hansen explains that the problem arises when we can no longer distinguish between reality and what has been created with artificial intelligence.

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– It is very important for girls to be well aware that these pictures are not from real life. I don’t feel like the “Feli” profile does. He says it helps build a dream of a life that is unattainable for most people.

The technology expert says that the frequent development of artificial intelligence can present many challenges, and he believes that no one is taking any action.

– The authorities must get the ball. We should have stricter restrictions aimed at categorizing fake goods and profiles. He points out that it will be difficult to stop the rapid development, so regulations are needed.

Concern: Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen is concerned about the rapid development of artificial intelligence.  Now he wants to warn others.  Photo: AI in the form of PhotoAI.oi

Concern: Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen is concerned about the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Now he wants to warn others. Photo: AI in the form of PhotoAI.oi
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In her Instagram bio, Philly says the following:

“Photography and the art of artificial intelligence. All photos are my work.”

Nygård-Hansen believes this does not show clearly enough that the woman in the photos was created by artificial intelligence.

threatens the market

The technology expert says he understands – and himself agrees – that the development is amazing:

– The graphics are so good that PR and marketing agencies create fake influencers so they don’t have to pay for collaborations. It has advantages and disadvantages.

If development continues, he thinks it could take more jobs off the market.

– Lilmiquela’s Instagram profile was one of the first. It’s big, and tougher because it’s placed among ordinary people. The profile contains many of the influencers’ agreements with regular businesses. He is very sick.

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