Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT | I said that these posts will disappear. Now what happens

Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT |  I said that these posts will disappear.  Now what happens

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Last week it’s been exactly eight years since I wrote about why half of today’s jobs will disappear within the next 20 years.

I was wrong. Go faster.

In 2015, it was about the future and the consequences for society, companies and employees in 20 years, but the launch of open artificial intelligence software Chat GPT has led to a development that is already close to what we thought was maximum speed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now entering practical life at full speed, and will undoubtedly influence our daily working lives. All of the major tech companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google, are building AI assistants into their services and products.

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Shares in research firm Presight AI rose just as much 176% In its first appearance on the stock exchange. AI Nvidia has become world famous in a short time The seventh most valuable companysuccessor to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, with a market capitalization of $660 billion.

I have no doubt that this revolution will bring us joys and sorrows. However, I am convinced that there are more possibilities.

I believe that artificial intelligence and digital assistants will give us a better working life.

We will suffer bankruptcies

Yes, many jobs will disappear. All future surveys and forecasts say so.

We will suffer bankruptcies, because more companies will become less important. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and now we need to learn, think critically and figure out how we can use it for the benefit of society as a whole.

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Now we also suddenly have an element where you can count on productivity gains from employees with new tools. This means that many functions are lost, become redundant and can be simplified.

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If you ask Chat GPT about the impact of AI on the way we work, the answer will be quick and logical:

“Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT have already had a huge impact on our work by automating and simplifying tasks that used to be done manually. For example, ChatGPT can help us handle large amounts of text and data, translate languages, provide customer service and help with marketing. It can also be used Artificial intelligence to automate tasks such as quality control, planning and production.”

Huge changes

I agree with Chat GPT about the potential impact of Chat GPT on our daily lives.

In my opinion, Chat GPT is the single biggest change I will experience.

The change will be so great that I have no doubt that we will see new thinking when it comes to organization in companies, restructuring of tasks and functions, and a marked change in the search for efficiency.

Companies that take seriously the wonderful world of Chat GPT will gain a competitive edge, and companies that don’t keep up will find it difficult to establish themselves in the market.

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Are human skills being replaced?

Fortunately (or maybe actually a little scary?), Chat GPT itself is aware that it has some shortcomings. Asked directly, he acknowledges that it cannot replace human skills such as creativity, empathy, and moral judgment.

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There will always be a need for human skills such as management, creativity and innovation.

So even though simple writing tasks, some research, some translation, a bit of customer service – and the jobs that contain those tasks – can be taken over very quickly by Chat GPT, AI, and AI in general, people are still the key to success for many companies. Especially in the field of communications, marketing, human resources and administration.

Not least are people who are able to cooperate with others – and robots.

important route choices

GPT chat and artificial intelligence are not a fad that will explode soon, but they are not an existential crisis either. Development is an opportunity if we use it right. It is a change that requires the participation of many different professional and academic groups.

It is crucial that employees are included in development and changes in order to create transparency and a culture of innovation, if you as a company to be able to exploit opportunities.

It is also a change that should be exploited and benefited by as many companies and institutions as possible, so that society will constantly evolve for the better.

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We as a society have to make some active choices – and that’s urgent. Academia, corporations, authorities and philosophers must work together for the good of society.

Unparalleled racing

As mentioned, I wrote years ago that digital transformation will have serious consequences in 20 years. I was wrong. It took eight years. And now things will go faster.

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The future is here, now, and there is an unparalleled race to see who will succeed in seizing the opportunities that are here. I’m sure there will be surprising winners and losers.

Artificial intelligence will change our daily lives. Perhaps half of my work tasks could soon be done by AI.

scary? no. I’m looking forward to it, because I don’t think I’ll have much less to do.

If we do it right, the tasks that still don’t provide energy, joy, or development. And then I get the power to create a better everyday work life.

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