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I just completed the Breast Cancer Campaign pink ribbon. This year’s theme was early detection because we know it saves lives. In Norway, we have had a public mammography program since 1996. All women between the ages of 50 and 69 have an X-ray of their breasts every quarter.

The goal is to reduce the number of deaths by detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Studies show that the screening program saves more than 100 women each year. The truth is that with just a few simple steps I can save more people.

mammography program Today it uses the same invitation, examination, number of invitations, offers, and image evaluation as when it started in 1996. Technology and knowledge have made great strides, and now the mammography program must change as well.

If we want to have a good, viable breast cancer screening programme, we must invest in new technology. Several studies, also Norwegian, show that AI can help breast radiologist find aggressive tumors more easily and quickly.

These tumors can develop into life-threatening, and must be detected and treated before they spread.

In addition, artificial intelligence will Radiologists can help filter women without breast cancer. Thus AI can reduce defects and increase the advantages of screening. At the same time, the chest radiologist can relieve shortages in Norway and Europe.

With artificial intelligence, machines can take care of large parts of the examination, while radiologists can spend more of their time on examinations with suspicious results and more complex cases.

If we did, we could potentially provide more personalized screening for women at increased risk of breast cancer.

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We can also open up to invite both younger and older women into the programme. Today, the European Union and part of the international professional community are calling for an extension of the age range, which I support.

We rejoiced when we saw that the government in the state budget for the first time provided funds for artificial intelligence in the mammography program. 10 million NOK is a good start to upgrade the IT system, so that it can speak the language spoken by the AI.

But will I be closed With the application of AI itself, we are totally dependent on politicians seeing more money in the coming years.

Only then will we be able to give new generations of Norwegian women an advanced and safe breast cancer screening programme.

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