Artificial Intelligence, Google | It uses artificial intelligence in an exciting way. They have now secured a million dollar contract with Google.

Artificial Intelligence, Google |  It uses artificial intelligence in an exciting way.  They have now secured a million dollar contract with Google.

(Bergen newspaper:- This news is very wonderful, says Marilyn Daly (34 years old).

Four years ago, I moved from Sandviken to Copenhagen to study . Following this, Empire AI (2022) was created.

The startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide tenants with the best and most efficient office space. Dahle and his colleague Hodan Eden (36) own the company themselves and have a dual base in Copenhagen and a DNB startup lab in Solheimsviken.

Now they can rejoice in catching up with the giant Google.

Million support

Of the 4,000 companies that applied for Google support, only 40 managed to reach the eye of the needle. Empire AI was the only Scandinavian company to make it to this round. A Swedish company was arrested earlier.

The reward amounts to NOK 3.8 million in grants and credits from Google. The Norwegian Innovation Fund and the Danish Innovation Fund are also participating.

-Google participates as an investor, but does not have any stake in our company. We can use Google’s internal resources to further develop the company, especially when it comes to machine learning. “We want the industry to work smarter, and we believe this technology has huge potential,” Dahl adds. Bachelor’s.

-We become part of the Google network and routing system. Overall, this is of great value to us. The fact that we are the first company from Norway to receive such a contract is of course a great pride.

Recently, Empire’s founders traveled with Google to Tech Week in London and Vivatech in Paris.

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This is Google

  • Google is an American technology company that operates many Internet services, especially in web search, advertising, cloud storage, and software.
  • Parent company Alphabet is the fourth largest company in the world ($1.59 trillion in annual sales) and is breathing down the neck of Apple, Microsoft, and Saudi Aramco.
  • Most of the company’s revenue comes from AdWords, an advertising service that places ads around Google search results.
  • In 2019, Google’s sales in Norway were estimated at NOK 4.4 billion. Local office in Oslo.

Meet in Fløyen

Dahli and Eden met at Fløien Folkerestaurant in 2008, where they were both working as waiters. The former then went to Brisbane and studied economics, while Eden trained as a lawyer in Bergen.

– Over the past ten years, we have continued to work together. First as workplace consultants for large private and public companies, and now with empire and artificial intelligence. “We’re in this,” Marilyn Daly says.

Previous clients include Norgesgruppen, Orkla and Nordea Liv.

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They measure this

Empire AI performed 10,000 measurements and collected data from more than 260 meeting rooms. Less than twelve percent of meetings have seven or more participants, while 57 percent of meeting rooms are designed for seven or more people. Most companies have a large spare capacity in the meeting room, According to Proptech Innovation.

– When we take measurements, we discover that the rooms are empty and that the meeting rooms are the wrong size. Employees complain about lack of space. However, many people continue to plan their offices the old-fashioned way, based on gut feeling, intuition and spreadsheets rather than facts, Daly says.

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End of watching

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the imperial duo wants to overcome perception and instead base office space planning on actual facts and needs. This is invaluable information for interior designers and homeowners who intend to build a new home.

Empire AI has already hired two new employees, but they are looking for wiser minds.

-We’re going to hire more people. We are launching new programs in the new year and plan to expand them. “Then we will need more employees and investors in the team,” says Marilyn Daly.

It believes that this technology is suitable for office buildings around the world, and at the same time it can be easily adapted to other types of buildings, such as health and educational buildings.

– We recently held a webinar for the Norwegian market in which 120 people participated. There is great interest in our technology. We believe that AI will change the way the construction industry works, but also everyone else.

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