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Artificial Intelligence, Honefoss |  chat

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Most of us “google” issues/things we wonder about or need to figure out. Whether it is concrete practical information that we are looking for, or more abstract matters, such as religious, social or cultural issues. In short – everything that is possible can be “Google” as we know it.

Just before Christmas, a powerful competitor appeared on the Internet. The challenger is called Chat GPT – a combination of an AI chatbot and a database full of knowledge.

GPT stands for Generative Pre-Build Transformer. Communication with the Chat bot is by written entry, preferably in Norwegian. Immediately, the explanation appears on the screen.

It’s like addressing a person, someone with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to craft far beyond your ability.

Almost creepy.

“Soul building”

In an instant, you can get an important explanation for anything that might be worrying you. Follow-up questions are answered kindly; It becomes more like having a conversation. Among other things, I asked about the explanation of “soul building” and got a good answer.

Schoolchildren and students have long discovered the possibilities of a chatbot. Here you get free assignments, methods, analysis of poems, etc. all the way up to undergraduate level. You can even define the style of the post yourself – for example humorous, satirical, or academic/school. Quotes cannot be tracked from the device unlike Google Quotes.

Journalists and commentators for newspapers and magazines can get good support for their writing, at least if the publication is not overly local.

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The chatbot is very convincing and seemingly trustworthy. All machine responses should of course be taken with a grain of salt. At least on important and sensitive topics.

Huge amount of knowledge

The amount of Putin’s knowledge exceeds anything anyone today can master on their own.

The philosopher Hegel is said to be the last world historical genius. He possessed and is said to have had an overview of all contemporary philosophical, religious and scientific questions. He also saw Napoleon, riding his horse, as a figure through whom the absolute universal spirit could attain full consciousness and realize itself in history. Hegel died in 1831, perhaps disillusioned with the way things eventually turned out with Napoleon, as the very servant of the world spirit. Instead of expressing liberalism and liberal state formations, Napoleon’s power ultimately rested on repression and coercion.

– Maybe they should be examined

The machine can shower and dazzle us with factual knowledge and quick conclusions—but moral judgments are yours and mine, and it’s a heavy responsibility we can’t abdicate.

Often the answers given by the bot must be checked against other sources and other points of view. The device does not provide references to its sources.

ChatGPT and similar architectures are expected to eventually replace Google services.

You can try it out for yourself for free good luck!

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