Artificial intelligence will save birds from wind power death – NRK Vestland

Kunstig intelligens skal redda fuglar frå vindkraft-døden

A new system to automatically identify threatened bird species will make it possible to reduce the speed of selected wind turbines when this happens red list Bird species pass by.

The system is based on artificial intelligence and is a further development of the so-called Muse systemToday, it is the leading bird control solution for offshore wind farms.

With the new system, idling can be limited to individual turbines, so that power output is maximized.

– This is how we can accelerate the development of offshore wind energy, which is so crucial to the green transition, says Mikael Kamp Sorensen, CEO of the company in the industry newspaper Electronics network.

The government announced in May that it wants 1,500 wind turbines in Norwegian waters by 2040. The ambition is for wind power to produce as much energy as Norwegian water turbines.

Photo: Jens Meyer/AP

Stour wants more windmills

The government announced in May that it would 1,500 wind turbines in Norwegian offshore areas by 2040. The ambition is for offshore wind to produce as much power as Norwegian water turbines.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AP) announced at the same time that he wanted more wind turbines in the country, and that this would be politically possible under “more comprehensive operations” and greater local participation.

Among the main arguments against wind power were the deaths of birds, symbolized by the turbine blades at Smøla, which have claimed more than 100 Sea Eagle since 2006.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Natural Sciences (NINA), more than 500 Dead birds under the wind farm on Smøla Island in Nordmøre.

Therefore various methods have been used and tried to prevent damage to birds, such as measuring turbine blades black.

According to reports, it may have reduced sea eagle mortality by 70 percent.

A sea eagle with its wing cut off in a confrontation with a wind turbine at Smøla

This sea eagle was alive when the photo was taken.

Photo: Ulla Valcadalen

– It can inspect the establishment of wind farms

In Norway, Spoor has installed surveillance cameras on existing wind power plants, so it can monitor how parks affect bird populations 24/7.

Among those using the technology are the Røyrmyra wind power plant and Karmøy’s offshore wind test center, MET Centre.

tracking Stavanger Aftenblad Spoor’s technology will be able to surprise the construction of wind farms at sea and on land “where bird life mapping can be done faster and more accurately than before.”

Martin Eggen, nature conservation consultant for BirdLife Norway, said he was excited about the development.

However, he shows that the new technology can only be a mitigating measure, and that it is still important to consider where wind power can be developed along the coast.

– It is necessary to find sea areas with few birds, he says.

In September, nothing appeared New investigation From the Cicero Center for Climate Research, Norwegians have become more positive about wind power in the past year. Now 39 percent are positive, while 34 percent are negative.

We use traditional methods

At Lutelandet’s new wind farm in Fjaler, they haven’t used new technology to automatically identify threatened bird species.

– We use traditional methods such as bird watching, says the head of wind energy at Sogn og Fjordane Energi (SFE), Stig-Magne Svalheim.

The franchise states that they must implement a “follow-up investigation program” for three years after opening the facility.

They should also have a period of record keeping with radar.

Norway’s Directorate of Waterways and Energy, NVE, sets license conditions and can require wind power plants to have blackened turbine blades or other measures.

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