Artillery fire in a new Netflix project

Artillery fire in a new Netflix project


ILD: Gunpowder smoke filled the air as an artillery battalion sniped with a Netflix film crew in fall 2021.

Late one fall afternoon in 2021, a film crew from Netflix came to Forsvaret in Rena.

When an explosion in the Norwegian mountains awakens an ancient troll, the authorities hire a brave paleontologist to stop him from wreaking deadly mayhem, Netflix writes about the Troll premiere Thursday.

The Norwegian-produced action-packed film received help from the Norwegian Armed Forces, so it had a little extra impact on TV.

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HEAVY SHOT: The shooting team from Netflix is ​​well acquainted with the artillery vehicles of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Late one fall 2021 afternoon, a film crew from Netflix was in Regionfelt Østlandet. There they watched the artillery battalion’s new K9 vehicles fire during a sharpshooting exercise and captured it all on film.

The Batteri Piraya Artillery, based in Rena and part of the Army’s Quick Reaction Force, was in charge of the force show.

– Upon request, Batteri Piraya supported the production of the Netflix Troll movie in the fall of 2021. Support was provided in connection with the battery shooting exercise without affecting the activity to a great extent, says Carl Jonas Vandback, who at the time was president of Batteri Beria.

Vandback says the production seemed very satisfied with the contribution and benefit they received from the support of the armed forces surrounded by the colors of autumn at the training ground in Reina last year.

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Other elements of the Army’s Rapid Response Division Telemark Battalion also contributed to the film’s production. In addition, the new F-35 fighter jet of the Norwegian Armed Forces can be seen on Netflix for trolls.

For the record: Journalist Stefan Petersen previously served in the Task Force’s Telemark Battalion.

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