June 9, 2023


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Artist Carol G rages on GQ after the retouch:

Here in Norway, there used to be strict rules for redaction marking – but it’s not like that outside the country’s borders. Most major journals are still revised without the reader knowing exactly what was changed.

Unrecognizable on cover – refuses revision

Among those who take the liberty of making their models “prettier” is fashion magazine GQ. Colombian artist Carol G (32 years old) is not happy about this.

face change

The 32-year-old is raging on Instagram, appearing this month on the cover of the popular magazine.

For two photos: a selfie of herself and a cover photo of GQ magazine where she is a model, Karol G whose real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro writes the following:

“I don’t even know where to begin with this letter… today my GQ magazine cover came out, and it’s a cover with a picture that doesn’t represent me. My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that,” she began, according to the people.

Navarro further writes that she is actually happy and content with her natural appearance. She reportedly provided comments on several versions of the cover photo, asking them not to retouch so much.

cheat image: Many Instagram stars retouch their own photos.
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“Even though they made it clear over and over again that I wasn’t happy with so many versions, they didn’t do anything about it, as if I needed the changes they made to look good,” she continues.

The artist writes that she is aware of the consequences that may now come, but continues nonetheless:

“Aside from feeling disrespectful to me, it’s disrespectful to a woman who wakes up and wants to feel comfortable with herself despite society’s stereotypes.”

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Talk about retouching

Talk about retouching

Frequent criticism

Many times fashion magazines have made sure the hat is appropriate over the years. Especially after the increased focus on naturalism, many big stars have fought the controversial style of editing.

Among those who have previously interacted is model Emily Ratajkowski (31). She claimed that Madame Figaro reduced the size of her breasts and lips when she appeared on the cover in 2017.

Photo shop: Joanna Emma Olsson is one of the most popular influencers in Sweden. Recently, she was in a bad mood after a Photoshop error. Video: Instagram/NTB Scanpix. Clip: Organ Ryland
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“I was so disappointed and upset to see that my lips and breasts were photographed on this cover. I hope the fashion industry eventually learns that they need to stop stifling the things that make us unique and instead start celebrating individuality.”

The fight against more normal offers was going on against the big magazines, but also on social media.

But at the same time that some have fought the battle against this subtle photo editing, many have embraced tools like Photoshop and FaceTune. Reality queen Kim Kardashian, 42, is among the celebrities who have been caught several times in the act after editing their photos on social media.