Arts and culture, hip hop | Simon Alejandro: – I try to create a space where others can do whatever they want

Arts and culture, hip hop |  Simon Alejandro: - I try to create a space where others can do whatever they want

Simon Alejandro devotes his life to creating the fun activities and environment that he missed as a young man.

It is important for young people to have a place to meet and a platform that can do so a product. When I was young, Simon Alejandro says, I definitely missed the structured environment for those who love hip-hop.

The guy behind the chain club and concert Jungelen has many balls in the air. In recent years, the commitment has been directed more and more towards the city’s youth.

At the same level as the youth

Two years ago, the Bergen resident started the Jung Association, a springtime project out of the woods. They offer free activities such as dance workshops and DJ workshops, aimed at young and old in Bergen.

– But we also have movie shows and hangouts for members. The leader explains that it is just a meeting place for young people.

Alejandro was also recently signed on as cycle leader for the recent AKKS initiative “Young Entrepreneur”. There he will hold workshops in concept development, to teach a group of 15-25 year olds how to organize festivals and concerts.

The 28-year-old has always spent a lot of time creating a business in the cultural city of Bergen. Whether in the form of events or through the release of music. Now he wants to make it easier for young people to do the same.

I use my experience to give good advice. It’s about asking people what they want. What will they learn? What do they want to make? Then help them on their way to making it happen, says Alejandro.

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He says it is “very important” to take young people seriously. So, he’s worried that the shows behind him shouldn’t just be Meets Young people, but also included to me.

Our members participate when we shape activities and performances at Jung, he says and assured that he will stick to this principle as a course coach at AKKS.

Missed Entertainment Show

Back in 2011, when Alejandro gradually began arranging hip-hop events at the Youth Center in the 1880s.

– At the time, I didn’t quite know what I was going to train for, or what I wanted. So it was great to be able to bring the environment together, create a platform, not least a meeting place for people with similar interests, he says.

His interests included writing lyrics, rap, dancing and graffiti. And Alejandro felt that a kind of community had been formed in the hip-hop community. But after a while, the community faded away a bit.

When you’re young, interests and groupings change very quickly. It may have to do with not having the permanent organization to go to, he says.

But the regulatory role gave more flavor anyway. Ten years later, his job was to run the permanent organization. Alejandro simply went on to create the entertainment show he never really had when he was young – and it looks like he made it.

We must be consistent and solid, so that we can keep the chef for many years to come, according to the Bergen residents.

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