Astrid Orenholdt Jacobsen Tower – Did not follow Astrid’s advice

Astrid Orenholdt Jacobsen Tower - Did not follow Astrid's advice

NS The famous former figure skating star Astrid Orenholdt Jacobsen became a member of the Board of Directors of the International Olympic Committee, and was one of the most important drivers To lift the ban on high-rise buildings.

This happened not through a clear personal campaign, but in the position of head of the Norwegian Sports Committee of Athletes. There, she faced first of all the athletes’ demands for fair play. Meaning, the Norwegian superstars should be allowed to use this technology like most other competitors.

Norwegian athletes feel they are not competing on an equal footing. There must be equality before the lawAnd to me She is in the Sports Federation open seminar Around the tallest buildings in April before the ban was lifted at the Sports Council a month and a half later.

available now Suggestion or offer on how this new use of tall buildings is being exercised in Norway.

Astrid Ohrholdt Jacobsen will not be heard there.

It becomes the use of technology to treat oxygen absorption Limited For athletes qualified for the Olympics, Paralympics, World Cup or other major international tournaments.

Then it will remain no similarity to the law. Just employment rule for Best, And employment Another for a second best.

And therefore A new distinction can now be introduced in Norwegian sport. Critics have feared this ever since the overwhelming majority of the Sports Council decided to lift this nearly 20-year-old Norwegian ban on the use of medicated oxygen in preparation and training.

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At the Sports Council, the general argument was that Norwegian athletes should have the so-called «Conditions of equal competition» Regarding foreign competitors. In other words, it echoes the request of the athletes that Astrid Orenholdt Jacobsen spoke about.

But at the same time, the Sports Council decided to postpone a new, obvious problem:

  • How can submit type “fair play” For the Norwegian superstars, without the height technique manipulated among the next top players, as well as the younger exercisers and athletes across Norway?

This problem remains unresolved under this proposal to limit the use of tall buildings to those that have «Training condition that has been consistently excellent over time».

Danger In order to release manipulated drills at altitude, it is really enough:

I am still amazed by all the research on equipment and how many potential investments in performance improvement funds areEthics professor Sigmund Loland of the Norwegian Mathematical Academy said at the same symposium this spring. Over the decades, he has seen how Norwegian sport tends to push the moral boundaries of its performance.

Dagbladet published at the same time that the Sports Board decided to repeal the height ban the story About how the oxygen convoy led by Bjorn Delle began a rush for similar gear among young athletes in the late 1990s.

The mobile home dealer who, in collaboration with Olympiatoppen, made this equipment, was put down by willing parents to buy:

What was scary was that some excited parents wanted to buy more successAnd Tell Car dealer Tom Nielsen to Dagbladet. It’s just wandering fifty phones With questions about getting the same type of caravan as the Dæhlie:

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I was scolded by people who wondered if I was interested in selling and making money, by selling such gigsAnd to me they have.

what or what People at the time were willing to pay for height rigging equipment, they told of the potential market without the ban remaining for most athletes. In retrospect, this market for drills was growing, at the same time as new technology made the equipment considerably cheaper and more practical.

Thus, the full version will spread this technology to the mass market. Then it became impossible for the expert committee of the sports federation to suggest anything other than introducing a special rule for the best.

But it also shows how poorly this ethically challenging case was discussed before the new practice was adopted by the Extraordinary Sports Council in October.

Before that time there is also a review with Anti-Doping Norway to ensure that the use of high-rise tents and tall buildings does not facilitate cheating. there Warnings Of the doping hunters were strong.

The Astrid Orenholdt Jacobsen already pointed out the weakness at the symposium this spring. wide and well reconsidering Of the advantages and disadvantages of the ban, it was specifically challenged on the new demarcation of elevation technology. There it was consistent.

The former star hoped that people would understand that there are a lot of sports that belong only to the best sports, but at the same time she thought that it is difficult to determine the best sports:

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We live in a free country, so people should be able to choose for themselvesShe said and explained the necessity of that:

It would seem that it would be difficult to identify tall buildings dedicated exclusively to the best sports. Then you must first agree on what is the best sportAnd confirmed they.

The The height of the border still stands, and it will lead to a lot of practical problems when dividing Norwegian sports before allowing some select sports to move into tall tents and tall buildings.

Worse, this proposal reflects how the sporting movement is on the verge of splitting between the elite and the others. Now recruits theoretically get poor competition conditions. That’s why the cross-country skiing community wanted to stick to the ban on the elevation manipulation technique.

Ironically, it is questionable whether this technology really works.

Perhaps the best Norwegian sports are ruining their results just by messing with society in the sporting movement.

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