Astrid Q, celebrity | Astrid S made a loud speech against her record company: They’ve turned around now

Astrid Q, celebrity |  Astrid S made a loud speech against her record company: They've turned around now

This summer, artist Astrid Semplas, 25, better known by her stage name Astrid S, performed at a number of festivals across the country — and fans were able to dance to songs like “Hurts so good” and “It’s Well If You Forget Me.”

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From the stage, the artist created a good atmosphere, but also took part in several of his summer festivals, Universal Music, in several summer festivals. According to the artist, the record company did not She wanted to release one of her songsEven if the artist himself loves it.

Therefore, she sang the song herself anyway, which pleased fans.

The song can be released anyway

Now, however, she seems to have managed to convince the record company that the song is worth investing in.

In a new video on tik tok The star responded to a fan that the record company had agreed to let her release the song at the same time she was working on her next album.

“Guess who’s listening to ‘The Final Mix’ because Universal agreed to release it while I was working on my album,” You write on the video.

However, the news that the song will likely be released now has been well received by fans, who were ecstatic in the video’s comment section.

“Oh my God, I’m so excited!” One writes, while the other thinks it is entirely appropriate to release the song:

“As Universal should, it should come first.”

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In the rest of the comments section, messages flow to the artist as well in that they want to hear more and are looking forward to both the new song and the new album. However, the song’s availability has not yet been determined, Smeplass says in the comments section.

We are trying to do this as quickly as possible. Needs a mix and a master, maybe some art or something, she writes.

So far, Nettavisen has been unable to get a comment from Smeplass about this. Universal Music also did not respond to Nettavisen’s inquiries.

Get stabs from the stage

So the ball started rolling after Simplas stabbed Universal Music during several summer festivals, including the Stavern Festival, and shared clips of it on his social media.

– I have a record company called Universal Music, and they think the song is too bad. “I thought it was ridiculous, and because I wrote the song I can do whatever the hell I want,” Simplas said onstage at the Stafford Festival in July.

Moreover, in a clip from the Stavern Festival, she says with a twinkle in her eyes that the head of the record company was present during the concert, and that she needed help from the audience to convince him to release the song.

“I know the director at Universal is here today, so I think I’m going to play that song, and then I want you to come over and show how great that song is,” I continued.

The clip set fire to the comments section, with comments pouring in from people wanting to hear more and show support for the artist.

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“I need this song in my life” One wrote, another wrote that song It should be on Spotify ASAP.

In a short time, the video has been viewed more than 500,000 times, and today it has achieved more than 1.2 million views.

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