Astrid Semplas in the movie “Cinderella”:

Astrid Semplas in the movie "Cinderella":

This weekend, the doors will open to moviegoers when the new version of “Three Nuts for Cinderella” is finally shown.

The headlines around the movie were already a lot, especially the main character who got a lot of attention.

For Cinderella, only Astrid Semplas herself is known, perhaps best known as the artist Astrid S. And the cheerful 25-year-old from Rainbow is pretty humble about her kidnapping for the role.

Convinced: Reviewers brag about Smeplass’s efforts in “Three Nuts for Cinderella.” Photo: Lars Hellebust / Nordisk Film

I drank a lot of coffee

– I don’t know why I got the role. I still really wonder about it, she tells Good night Norway, and explains:

– It was the director Cecily (Mosley, editor’s note) who communicated with us, so we drank a lot of coffee and talked, then I took tests, then I met you, summed up Simplas, pointed out the opponent Genghis Al (23).

Al, who is a hit with a role in the hit NRK SHAME, plays the role of Prince. I was also surprised to get the opportunity.

– I had just become a father, so there was already a lot of feelings from this side, so I got a call from Cecily after that, “Would you like to play the prince?”. Then I did my best with a baby on my lap, “That’s what you’ve got to hear about Genghis,” says the actor.

don’t be embarrassed

Smeplass would love to try his hand at the world of cinema.

– It was one of the most fun things I was allowed to do. It gave me a lot of confidence. I was very afraid of how it would go. But she says it was an adventure.

Although the hilarious artist gets nothing but praise for her efforts in front of the camera, there is one thing that she finds a little difficult:

– I think the hardest thing about acting is getting dry. Put your self-awareness on, don’t be shy, let go of everything. I think that was a little tricky at first. You have to dive into your head first. Simplas believes that if you were to start “safely” it wouldn’t be good.

She does not hide the fact that she gave more flavor.

– I hope someone else will take the opportunity to take me to a movie or series. And she concludes, I really want to, because I think it was so much fun.

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