June 10, 2023


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Astronomers make historical discoveries: – A fireball 100 times the size of the solar system

HUBBLE: An image of space taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope in April of this year. The image is not of the massive explosion that has now been detected.

Recently, somewhat by accident, scientists from England stumbled upon the largest ever cosmic explosion.

– When I told our team about the numbers, they were all very shocked, says Dr Philip Wiseman, an astronomer at the University of Southampton, Watchman.

It was he who led the group that has now made the historical note.

The explosion in space, which has been dubbed “AT2021lwx,” is the largest ever.

After making the discovery and being shocked by its magnitude, Weizmann and his team asked themselves the following question: How do you explain the magnitude of this explosion?

This is what it ended up with:

– We estimate that it is a fireball 100 times larger than it Solar SystemSolar SystemThe solar system consists of the sun and all the bodies and materials held in place by the gravitational force of the sun. Its brightness is 2 trillion times stronger than the Sun, Weizmann told the British newspaper.

Scientists believe the explosion was caused by a cloud of gas, perhaps several thousand times the size of the sun, being sucked into a huge mass. Black holeBlack holeA black hole is a region of space in which gravitational forces are so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from it..

The massive interaction is said to have occurred eight billion light-years from Earth, and the discovery was somewhat accidental.

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Because the explosion was first discovered in 2020 by American space scientists, but what they saw then did not stand out greatly.

– The eruption went unnoticed for a year, but gradually became brighter, Wiseman says.

It was a follow-up note that led to the discovery of the almost unimaginable large note.