Astronomy, Fredrikstad Municipality | Mysterious light in the sky last night – check what it was

Astronomy, Fredrikstad Municipality |  Mysterious light in the sky last night - check what it was

Fredriksstad Blad received tips from readers who sent in the video of the strange phenomenon:

In the black August sky on Saturday night at 01:00 there is a moving white light.


Reader’s video: Matthias Johansen

A mysterious light, seen above Kråkerøy, reads reports to the newspaper.

Perhaps it was light from the helicopter.

But when the Swedish Federation asks both the Central Rescue Service and the Norwegian Air Force if they have rescue operations or exercises, they both say no.

The police did not report any of these incidents either.

We call the Institute of Meteorology, which suggests that we contact the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics.

Because mysterious light is not a meteorological phenomenon.

…or a shooting star?

It could be a meteor, then one of the senior engineers in the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics told him.

We recommend checking out the site norskmeteornettwerk.nobecause they have updated their overviews of, among other things, meteor showers.

However, the mysterious light turns out to be something else entirely:

Reader’s Video: Fred Omberg

All the way from the USA

It is just a missile launched from California in the USA.

– The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket passed through the sky as a diffuse fireball around 00:55, and we have received many reports of it, says the website of the Norwegian Meteor Network.

The cameras we built on Gaustatoppen in collaboration with Gaustabanen captured everything.

Video: The Norwegian Meteor Network

better internet

The Meteor Network also says that the rocket carries 46 Starlink satellites polar orbits.

starlink according to Wikipedia Satellite Internet constellation operated by the space company SpaceX. The company is owned by Elon Musk.

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The plan is for Starlink’s satellite network to cover the entire world with internet coverage.

They will achieve this by sending thousands of small satellites into orbit around the Earth, which will provide coverage for most areas of the Earth, he writes.

The Norwegian Meteor Network also explains on its website the following about the missile that produced the mysterious light:

It was launched from California on the West Coast of the United States about 75 minutes before it was to appear over large parts of Scandinavia.

Reader’s video: Matthias Johansen

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