At least 20 people were found dead on a street in the Ukrainian city – VG

At least 20 people were found dead on a street in the Ukrainian city - VG

On Saturday, Ukrainian forces said they had recaptured the city of Potsga, west of Kyiv. The pictures show dozens of dead people in the streets.


It is not known how they died, the news agency wrote, but at least one of them had a large head wound.

The dead are lying on a street, with their hands tied to the back of one of them, according to Agence France-Presse present at the scene.

According to Agence France-Presse, the condition of the bodies may indicate that they have been there for several days.

Pictures from Agence France-Presse show dead people lying on a street in the town of Al-Batsha on Saturday. Ukrainian forces reported that they had taken control of the city.

Batsha was subjected to heavy fighting and was partially occupied by Russian forces.

Buildings and roads in the city were badly damaged by the fighting, and many damaged cars were parked on the streets.

Russian forces withdrew in recent days From Kyiv and surrounding areas. The Russian authorities announced that they would step down Military activity around the capital. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that NATO believes in this withdrawal The reality is regrouping.

Ukrainian soldiers in Potsja on Saturday. Behind them lies a dead person.

The mayor of Potsja, Anatoly Fedoruk, told AFP by phone that nearly 300 people were buried in mass graves.

– In Potsja, we have already buried 280 people in a mass grave, says Fedorok.

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The mayor says there are deaths in several places in the devastated city.

“The Russian operation failed, and one of its most important goals, the invasion of Kyiv, proved that Russian forces were unattainable,” Michael Kaufman, a researcher with the US Central News Agency, told the New York Times on Saturday.

Ukrainian forces regained control of several areas around the capital, including the city of Potsja.

The Great Havoc: A Ukrainian soldier on a broken bridge in Potsja on Saturday.


News that Ukrainian forces regained control of Potsja came from local mayor Anatoly Fedoruk on Friday night, he said. Al Jazeera.

Fedorok said Botsja was re-arrested on Thursday. In the letter, he said that March 31 “will go down in the history of our city (…) the day of its liberation from Russia.”

The news came after a Ukrainian journalist said that Russian forces had withdrawn “completely” from the areas around Kiev and that Potsga would be one of dozens of cities and towns now “under the Ukrainian flag,” he reported. English newspaper.

Written by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Anna Malgar Facebook Ukraine controls the entire Kyiv region.

– Erbin, Potsia, Gostomel and the entire Kyiv province were liberated from the attacker, Malgar writes.

However, this information has not been verified. A Ukrainian defense spokesman said that Russian forces have “partially” withdrawn from the areas around Kiev, and there are now very few Russian forces left to be able to attack the capital.

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