At least 32 people have been affected since the international match – Viji

At least 32 people have been affected since the international match - Viji
Prem: Many national team players have suffered after the matches against Slovenia. Here Thorir Herkerson has set aside time in Lubljana a week ago.

The eruption of international competitions in handball women is on the rise. Handball captain Corey Keer Leo also received the corona.

The Perm municipality said on Sunday night that at least 32 people had been affected after meeting with North and Slovenia at the Natterud arena on October 7 with 1526 spectators.

Viji had previously reported seven cases of infection among the leaders and players in the Norwegian team. There may be more now. Vipers coach Ole Gustav Jackstadt has confirmed that three players have now left the club with Corona. At least one Slovenian national team player must be affected.

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At least five corona infections on the handball women’s team after international matches: – Boredom

– I don’t know if I suffered during the match, but it’s not possible, says Core Gear to Leo Viji.

He is on the path to recovery.

– I was sick last Sunday and had a fever and body aches for a week. The 68-year-old handball leader, who was completely vaccinated, said he had no symptoms other than the symptoms you get from a very strong fever.

He notes that he was not in contact with players or coaches during the national tournament. A relatively short period in the Leo arena.

On the way to bed: Handball President Corey Khair Leo.

After Viji told about the outbreak of the infection in handball women last Tuesday, many spectators were found to be affected. Last Friday, the number rose to 24, according to the municipality of Peram.

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Municipal Chief Physician Fritz Leonard Nilsson confirms that the number of victims increased over the weekend after the municipality encouraged them to self-examine or contact the testing center by the weekend.

– We have passed 32 positive tests, including total soldiers and officers. 17 of them are from Peruma. But it’s uncertain whether we have everyone’s perspective, Nilsson insists.

Corey Gear Leo would say nothing if many in the management of the Norwegian Handball Association were affected.

– Now we must try to limit this, he says and continues:

– We must be constantly vigilant, take care of each other, and continue to take preventive measures as we have been trained by the epidemic.

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Corona infection is a mess for wipers: – Difficult

The Vipers sent all six of their national team players for testing last Tuesday. On Wednesday, they competed in the Rema 1000 League against Flint Dansberg with only nine players. The Vipers had 12 players when they beat Turkey’s Kastamonu 39-25 in the Champions League on Saturday.

So the three players went out with the corona.

– We don’t know how long they will be gone. Hope it goes fast, says Ole Gustav Jackstadt.

The coach is not without a certain fear and this season could also be marked by Corona. The Vipers had to play all the Champions League games last season, but completely avoided infection on their own team.

Now different.

– It is questionable whether we get more corona cases this season when the controls require less testing and shorter isolation, says JJKstad.

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In Norway, all handballs were closed – top and width – from January to May last season. In the end, Vipers played a league final against Storham and a trophy final against Sola.

– This season, keeping the wheels in motion will be very, very important, says Corey Keer Leo.

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