November 28, 2022


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At least 38 dead after mass shooting in Thailand - VG

At least 38 dead after mass shooting in Thailand – VG

Local media reported that 24 of the dead were children. The perpetrator is said to have killed his family before he committed suicide.


Police came out early and called a 34-year-old man for the mass shooting that was said to have taken place in a kindergarten in Thailand’s northeastern province of Nong Bua Lamphu on Thursday afternoon local time.

Only after 10 am he wrote in Norwegian time Thailand Investigation Unit is on Facebook That the perpetrator is dead. According to Reuters, the man must have killed his wife and child – before he committed suicide.

Location: At least 38 people killed after mass shootings in Thailand.

Police reported that there were at least 38 dead.

According to the Thai newspaper Khaosod, 24 of them are children. According to Reuters, which quoted the police, there were victims as young as two years old. Reporter at the scene writes on twitter That 12 people were injured.

The death toll was revised several times during the morning hours.

The news agency wrote that the man worked in the police until last year.

Police identified the perpetrator’s movements before and after the shooting.

According to their statements, he appeared in court a little earlier, in connection with a drug charge. It is said that he went to the nursery school to look for his child. Police believe he was upset when the child was not there, and that he started shooting afterwards.

He is also said to have stabbed several victims.

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The perpetrator then allegedly shot passers-by and collided with several people before returning home, killing his wife and children.

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Shock: People at the kindergarten where the mass shooting took place in the town of Uthai Sawan, Thailand.

Died in kindergarten

Police said the perpetrator was a former police officer. They walked away with a wanted man, and information on his car, a white Toyota Vigo pickup truck.

Among the dead are children and adults.