May 28, 2023


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At the same place Andrea (21) was injured - VG

At the same place Andrea (21) was injured – VG

At the hospital: Andrea Anderson was twelve years old on November 26, 2013.

GYgarden (VG) In November 2013, Andrea Anderson was hit by the same bus stop and a twelve-year-old boy died in a traffic accident on Tuesday this week.


– It could have been me, Anderson tells Vijay.

She was 12, on her way to middle school. She had music in her ear, it was dark.

The 80-zone is extended, and to cross the road – when buses, cars and trailers are speeding – you have to find a hole and run to the other side.

– I was about to catch the bus, ran across the road, and suddenly I crashed into a car. How much I remember is limited, I don’t know if the driver has a light or not, says Anderson, now 21.

Characteristics: Andrea Anderson is now 21 years old and also works as a flight attendant. She thinks it is a tragedy that a boy died at the place where he was attacked many years ago.

She grabbed the side mirror of the car on her stomach and her leg was completely broken. She had to wear the finish for more than eight weeks.

– It was so close. Fortunately, I “only” escaped with a broken leg.

Pergens Tidende He also mentioned the story of Andreas.

Anderson is still in pain after the incident. She can not stand on her feet for long, has to wear compression stockings and has a scar on her stomach.

– The hospital said she received a life gift, mother Carrie Anderson tells Vijay.

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Need action

A twelve year old boy on Tuesday this week He lost his life in a car collision At the Torsvik bus stop in the municipality of gygarden. The accident took place when a car overtook a bus at the bus stop. The driver of the car has been charged.

Andreas’ mother, Gary Anderson, believes that a lot could have been done in the long run to protect children and young people, for example, by reducing the speed limit.

– Most of the people who live here have tried and contacted the District Council to accommodate the action. This is the announced event. It’s so meaningless, she says.

Insecure: Mother Carrie Anderson demands action. He has four children, Andrea the Elder.

– Our worries have gone to the ears. It is incredibly sad that nothing has been done after so many news, says the daughter who says she is sick of thinking that a boy lost his life where a boy injured himself many years ago.

Tina Liftel, director of the Department of Infrastructure and Roads at Westland County Municipality, confirms that there are several inquiries regarding the district road in question.

– Although it did not come specifically to the point of accident, it has been done for many years with similar problems, says Lt. Vijay.

Keylinn Langhelle (21) lives just minutes from that place and travels by bus to elementary and high school every year. There were several children at the time of the conflict.

On Thursday, Langhelle visited the crash site:

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– Security is not good. I have seen in person that I have missed there many times. They need to be put in place, for example, with traffic lights or low speed limits, Langhelle tells VG.

– Sad

A 12-year-old boy was killed this week when his car collided with a passing bus at a bus stop in Dorswick. Tommy Norman (37) has been a bus driver for 15 years and drives a lot past the questionable stop.

– If I had driven the bus that day I am not sure if I would have been behind the wheel by now. What a tragic accident, Norman tells Vijay.

New way: Tommy Norman, the bus driver in Tide. He believes the bus should cross Toftedalen, which is very close to the crash site, with pedestrians and 50-zones.

Sicily Bryner, communications manager for Truck Traffic, told VG that those who use the soft road are at risk when there is no bridge or underpass at high speeds. There can be no change field in the 80-zone.

– You need to arrange for those who use the soft road and where they cross the road, says Brine in general terms.

Estimated in 2019

Frode Moyen Orland, division manager for traffic management in the west of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, tells Vijay that the speed limit was assessed in 2019. Investigations were carried out by residents of the area, which prefers the 60-zone. District Road 561.

The conclusion is that there is no basis for reducing the speed limit.

– Why is there no basis for lowering the speed limit?

– I have no pre-evaluation, so I have to go back to that. Orland says it would be natural for us to pass the case, and if anything we should have done it differently in 2019.

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On Thursday evening, Viji will receive justice. Among other things, it says: “County Road 561 is located mainly outside densely populated areas, and nearby buildings, kindergarten and toffee school are protected from the road.” Signs about speed limits must be compatible with the environment, thus emphasizing that motorists need to understand the speed limit.

Police are investigating the crash on Tuesday this weekAnd the Accident Committee of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will analyze what happened.

Tragic accident: Many people light candles and place flowers, roses and cards at the bus stop at 561 on County Road in Oygarden.

A few kilometers from Dorswick, in Rong, In 2006 a boy died in a road accident – On the same district road where the accident happened on Tuesday. Orland confirms to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration that the operations were carried out on the spot after the catastrophic accident.

Leftal, in Westland County Municipality, says he would like to see the security of the extension in Dorswick. In the regional transport plan, funding is proposed for activities from 2027 onwards.

– We will focus on improvements such as exit lanes, intersections, intersections and bus pockets, but no action has yet been planned.