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Tour de Ski 2021/2022 5 etappe

It is an important and historic decision.

This was stated by Wiegard Olvang, the outgoing president of the FIS Cross-Country Committee Dagbladet When the committee decided last week that from now on women and men will walk the same distances at the World Cup in cross-country skiing.

57% of the committee members voted in favor of the proposal. After that, it was decided that 10, 15, 20 and 50 kilometers were the distances to use, in addition to the sprints.

Want equal spaces: Vegard Ulvang.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The final decision will be made at the FIS conference in Milan on Wednesday, but all indications are that the proposal will be adopted.

But now NRK can reveal that the proposal is in direct conflict with what the vast majority of athletes want at the World Cup themselves.

Nearly nine out of ten say no

NRK has gained access to the annual poll among World Cup players. The survey was answered by 114 athletes from 25 different countries, with an average of six years of World Cup experience.

When asked if men and women should have the same distances (regardless of height), 73% answered no. If you isolate the practices in the survey, as many as 88 percent answer in the negative.

Thus the opposition to equality of distances between women was much greater than that of men.

Virginia Tobranen de Martin

Lawyer representative: Virginia de Martin Tubranin was surprised by the survey results, but it is clear that they will speak on behalf of the athletes in Milan.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The results were surprising Virginia de Martin Toubranen is Italian, and is the athlete’s representative on the Cross Country Committee.

– FifthI asked about the same thing a few years ago, then the athletes were more equal distances. Suddenly the result was different this year. So it was a bit surprising for us, she tells NRK.

The survey also asked a follow-up question about which three distances the athletes would choose, provided equal distances are adopted. 10 km won in front of 15, 20, 30 and 50 km. Thus Femmila is the least desirable exercise among activists.

However, both women and men are likely to walk five miles in Holmenkollen this winter.

Suggestion will be discontinued

Apparently Virginia de Martin Tubranen will speak on behalf of the practitioners during the FIS conference in Milan.

It is very important to have an opinion. Marti Gilha, the athlete’s representative with me, will vote against this proposal in Milan. He says we did everything we could in this case Topranin.

The Italian doesn’t want to reveal what she thinks of herself about equal distances, but she does think some fear women’s cross-country skiing will be less fun when distances get longer, such as five miles.

50 kilometers may lead to greater distances in the field. Meanwhile, there’s been significant distances with Therese Johaug in recent seasons, so distances aren’t sure the point here, she says.

Wong critical

Versus NRK, Norwegian cross country profile Heidi Wing is pretty clear what she thinks about equal distances between women and men.

– I’m not with the proposal. We spend more time at the same distance and then go out for longer than men. So I hope this does not happen. For excitement, the 7.5/5 kilometer run. Wong believes that the more who will fight for the podium.

Ski tour 2020. Guri Knotten.

Cross-Country Committee: Guri Naughten replaces Wiegard Olvang on the FIS cross-country committee.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

knobs: – Many welcome five miles

Jüri Knuten is the new Norway representative on the cross-country committee of the FIS after Vigaard Olvang. A former cross country coach – like Ulvang – believes that men and women should go the same distance.

At the same time, I have a great understanding that practitioners today may have some reservations about changing the program, says Knotten.

Although the survey results are quite straightforward, Knotten claims to have had a different impression of speaking to practitioners.

– I’m againstIt is not correct to say that the active parties oppose the proposal. Most people I’ve spoken to think equal spacing is perfectly in place. And there are many who welcome five miles, and they say so. She says it is a good and important decision.

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