Atle Antonsen returns to “The Mission”: – It went well before

Atle Antonsen returns to “The Mission”: – It went well before

Comedian Adele Andanson has said that he fled the country in shame after learning about the Bar Boga incident.

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– I cannot begin to elaborate on what happened at Bar Boca. “Every time it’s brought up, it only goes beyond Sumayya,” says Atlee Andersson in the year’s first live broadcast of “The Mission.”

– And I don’t want her to suffer any more humiliation or harassment because of me.

Antonson is back in the studio after being asked to leave the radio show in November after being revealed to be Sumaiya Jirde Ali.Reported him For hate speech. The case was dropped by the state prosecutor, then appealed, and finally Abandoned by the Attorney General.

Antonson says he used the last time to “practice more.” His co-host Johan Golden asks how he’s doing.

– It went well before. I have to be honest.

– I was ashamed then, of course something violent, I felt shame and guilt and self-loathing.

Reunited: Atlee Andersen (TV) and Johan Golden.

Run away from the country

After the case was reported in the media, he didn’t leave the house — and he spent two weeks house-sitting in his own home, according to Antonson.

– I was ashamed that I did not leave the house. I don’t want to go to the store, I don’t want to meet neighbors and friends, says Antonson:

– I’m not saying this because it’s my fault, of course, because I’m far from the victim.

Did you read this comment? (f)atle with fame

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He said that he left the country after this incident.

– If I dare go out the door, I must go somewhere else. So I got in the car and headed for Denmark.

– There are some Norwegians who go to Copenhagen on weekends. I found it when I entered the door of the hotel. So I got scared again, went straight into the lift and into the room and stayed there for four days more or less.

Antonsson says he’s received support, but it’s not the support he should appreciate.

– Now I know I get support from the wrong people. I’m sure I’ll get support from people I don’t like and people on the right with a horrible view of humanity. I didn’t read those messages.

– She can’t move forward

On Wednesday, Hasti Hamidi, a friend of Sumaya Zirde Ali, posted a post on Facebook. TV 2 was approved To comment on the post.

There, Hamidi writes, among other things, that this characterizes Sumaya’s daily life and that continued investigations into the case “may leave her unable to move forward.”

“Also, she must come to terms with the fact that a man who has humiliated her in the worst possible way is soon to be seen again,” he writes.

Report: In November, Jirde Ali spoke about the incident at Bar Boka in a lengthy post on Facebook.

Monday Confirmed P4 Adele Anderson wants to return to “The Mission” on radio and podcasts.

– Antonsson’s lawyer Marianne Clausen said he is ready to resume work and greatly appreciates P4’s desire to have him back.

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“The Mission” airs live on P4 on Fridays from 10.00 to 12.00 and is then released as a podcast episode.

Attorney General: “Satire attempt not very successful”

It was only in November that Antonson’s stay became known Reported for hate speechProfile social debater Sumaya Jirde Ali after an episode at Bar Boga nightclub in Oslo.

At the nightclub, Antonsen reportedly said he was “too dark-skinned” to be there.

After the incident, Anderson asked to be excused from the radio show he co-hosted with Golden for several years. He also resigned as host of “The King Commands”.

The case was dropped by the state prosecutor, then appealed, and finally Abandoned by the Attorney General.

In his decision the Attorney General described the episode as “a wildly successful attempt to satirize racism”.

– An important clarification in this context is that the case “must be understood as an ill-fated attempt to satirize racism,” the Attorney General clearly concluded in his reasoning, says Kenneth Andresen, editor-in-chief and managing director of the P4 Group. .

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