Atlee Petersen, Celebrity | Atlee Petersen Reveals Retirement Plans: – Life is too short

Atlee Petersen, Celebrity | Atlee Petersen Reveals Retirement Plans: – Life is too short

(newspaper onlineIn recent years, artist and presenter Atli Petersen (34) from Skien has had many balls in the air.

In addition to his work as an artist for several years, in 2016 he took on the role of host of the entertainment program “Beat for Beat”.

More recently, the 34-year-old has also become known as the “King of BBQ”, after he and his neighbor Christopher Tomerbakki, 40, better known from the rap duo Eric Og Chris, created the restaurant. TikTok account “ViGriller”. In the videos, neighbors document their latest dishes.

In other words, to put it mildly, it has been a hectic few years of professional life for Petersen, but the hard work has not been without good reason.

In the latest episode of “Hanna & the Lucky Ones” with influencer Hannah Martin Slatland Baller, 24, the artist says he plans to retire at 45.

– It's not good to keep doing this for a long time.

Artist Slatland Baller told The Daily Beast that he first planned to retire at 40, six years away, but that changed due to the coronavirus as he was unable to do gigs and concerts.

– But I have a goal, which is to retire very soon. He reveals: I will retire when I am 45 years old, and I will stop working.

Petersen points out that retirement would also mean giving up music altogether.

– Life is too short to chase it. I've been racing for almost 15 years, and I think the constant feeling that you have to stay on top of things takes a toll.

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– You always have to make something. You have to make an album, you have to do a show, you have to do some TV show. I don't think it's good to keep doing that for too long, so I decided there would be some kind of deadline where I would stop chasing.

Atle Pettersen has not yet responded to Nettavisen's inquiries.

You want to run in the forest

However, the presenter has no plans to lie on the lazy side as a retiree. When the time comes, he plans to, among other things, go for a lot of jogging in the woods, play golf and barbecue.

But before then, there is hard work ahead.

If an artist is to succeed in retiring at just 45, he wants to have as much income as possible.

– You can play the lottery, and if you are lucky, you might win. Hard work is the key and that is why I do so much too. One project is not enough.

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