Atomic star Kerry Katona reveals the diagnosis:

Atomic star Kerry Katona reveals the diagnosis:

Kerry Katona, 42, is best known to the Norwegians by pop group Atomic Kitten, which took the world by storm in the late 1990s. The group was inactive for over three years, but Katona continued to take her place in the spotlight.

In Great Britain, she was involved in a number of different television concepts, including “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here”, “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Dancing On Ice”. She is also active on Instagram, where she diligently shares updates with her 816,000 followers.

– I suffer from Alzheimer’s disease

She shows her ups and downs, and last week several people became concerned after she shared a video of herself with an oxygen mask. She quickly explains that she is in good hands and that the video was taken in a hyperbaric chamber, which is a form of oxygen therapy.

chronic disease

Just days after the video was posted, Katona explained in his weekly column for Yes! News The reason for her being in the airlock.

- She was too far away

– She was too far away

– I was diagnosed with scoliosis last week, after I had a problem with my back. I was in so much pain I cried in pain. I went to a chiropractor and had an x-ray, which showed that one half of my brain was not working as well as the other. I wasn’t feeling well, but luckily I started a treatment that made things look brighter, she says.

She explains that this is something she now has to live with, and that it is a relief to know why she is in such great pain.

– I did various tests to see how my brain works, and they were helpful, everything is connected to my nerves and explains why I feel so much pain.

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Back to the treadmill

The pressure chamber the star was in was used in hopes of increasing the level of oxygen in her body, to numb the pain she was feeling.

In addition, she has recently gone on a strict diet that has resulted in weight loss, and is now out of bed and back on the treadmill.

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About the diagnosis: - It's hard

About the diagnosis: – It’s hard

– I’m no longer bedridden, and I’m finally back on the treadmill with some light exercise. I can’t do anything strenuous yet, but this diet I’ve been on has been amazing.

Katona admits that she is looking forward to the future, and hopes that she will be able to live with scoliosis in a good way.

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