Attack boats: – Not uncommon

Attack boats: - Not uncommon

Over the past two weeks, an alligator in Sugar Land, Texas, has spread fear among residents. Two boats were attacked by the crocodile.

De Connors, president of the Houston Rowing Club, says I’ve been rowing in these waters for over 20 years and have never been attacked by an alligator. KHOU TV channel.

The first attack occurred after an old man hit a crocodile with one of his oars and the crocodile responded to some of the boat. The boat began to sink, but the man managed to reach the shore.

But it was not a single attack. A week later it happened again.

One of the rowers paddled after me and one of the crocodiles clipped the end of his boat, says Connors.

This man also managed to make it to shore despite the damage to the boat.

– it’s scary. Connors admits I start to row faster when I’m in those areas.

not usually

The area is home to many alligators, but it’s rare for them to attack boats or people, says Jonathan Warner, of Texas Parks and Wildlife. independent.

The fact that they attack boats is very random and it is not unusual for us to receive reports of something like this, Warner says.

The attacks are believed to be caused by failed attempts to find food. One reason for this is that the crocodile is said to have launched the boats quickly.

Mating season is over at this time of year – so most of the crocodile’s movements are related to feeding behaviour. I think the crocodiles thought this was prey, took a chance and realized it wasn’t food.

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He still says they took action in the water. They have removed an alligator and put up clear signs to warn people traveling in the water.

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Several theories

However, many questioned whether the attacks were caused by the removal of some vegetation near the banks of Oyster Creek, and that this made the crocodile feel more of a threat.

Warner says, however, that he would be surprised if that was the reason this time of year because the breeding season is over, and so they are unlikely to be very aggressive.

“I would be surprised if she was an aggressive female late in the year,” says Connors.

He even thinks another theory could be that lower water levels due to drought in the United States led to more alligators congregating in the same place.

If there are three ponds, and two of them have dried up, they will be in the pond with still water, says Warner.

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