AUF with pressure on its own government: – Expects increased efforts

AUF with pressure on its own government: – Expects increased efforts
Anniversary demand: AUF president Astrid Holm wants money from Prime Minister Jonas Gerstor for kindergartens, climate action and aid.

AUF celebrates its 120th anniversary on Saturday. They do that by pushing their own government for billions for three priority initiatives.

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On Saturday morning, AUF president Astrid Holm will speak at a conference marking the anniversary.

It comes a day before the government gathers at the Cluckan Hotel from Sunday to Tuesday for its traditional budget conference – where the government launches the national budget for 2024, which will be tabled in October.

Here are the three main demands of the AUF leader:

  • More children will get a free kindergarten place.
  • The budget should include measurable climate reductions that show climate targets can be met.
  • From this first budget conference, it was decided that aid should be at least one percent of the gross national product.

– Useful way

– As the government now prepares its second state budget, we expect increased efforts to move Norway in a fairer and more united direction after eight long years of right-wing government. He then tells VG that the government should prioritize welfare, climate and international solidarity.

– Don’t rising interest rates present a great opportunity for action?

– A Labor-led government should not let tough economic times stand in the way of necessary welfare reforms. Now one of the most important things about it has to be providing free daycare to more children, he adds:

– It is an effective way to build the welfare that we want to be available to all. Our government should not be asking if it can provide well-being, it should be asking if we can’t.

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Climate eyes: AUF leader wants to look into the eyes of climate voters who voted for him last time.


Climate warfare is the second issue he mentions.

– We need to look all the climate voters in the eye who gave us hope in the last election. The time for promises and ambitions in climate policy is essentially long overdue: now the government must create a budget with enough annual cuts to meet the climate targets we have committed to.

He says there are sometimes very good arguments for prioritizing areas other than helping the world’s poor, but this needs to stop.

– You cannot use other important war issues as an excuse to cut aid. This is not very suitable for a social democratic government. If we turn away from the world now, we will know which forces are ready and which forces will take the world in a completely different direction than we want.

– It will cost

She believes pressing is necessary.

– We will most likely end up with a percentage, but we demand that this be fixed from the start in all budgets delivered by a Labor government. One percent should be the minimum.

– These three priorities cost. how much

– Yes, it costs. We don’t know exactly how much. We think it’s worth taking the price. It will be very expensive.

The interview has been forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office, but is yet to respond to the matter.

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