Austin Stray Spedalen, Spedalen | Spadel lived illegally for three years

Austin Stray Spedalen, Spedalen |  Spadel lived illegally for three years

(Oslo newspaper): it suggests Finsavicen Friday.

Stray Spedalen has announced that he will be moving to a giant house on the waterfront in 2021. The problem is that there is no completion certificate or temporary use permit.

If you don't have it, it's illegal to live there.

More conflicts

In November of last year, Avisa Oslo caught the city's environmental agency behind an illegal fence, writes Stray Spetalen. In a letter, the municipality announced that illegality would lead to mandatory fines.

Although the fence is on his property, Spetalon has previously said it is not his. He said the fence was on the plot before he bought the property.

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But the fence wasn't the only problem for the millionaire. In 2019, the municipality discovered that the property's road had been moved to an adjacent property and that major changes had been made to the landscape inconsistent with the applications and maps.

Avisa Oslo reported on the conflict in December. According to Finansavisen, architects from Niels Dorp Architect AS started work on fixing the error before Christmas.

First application sent

The building was not given a completion certificate due to problems with the roadway, but on January 9 this year, the architects submitted an application for a temporary use permit for the building – three years after it was ready for use.

The Planning and Building Agency approved the application on January 19, allowing Øystein Stray Spetalen to legally live in the house in Paikto. A temporary use permit applies to a residential building associated with a garage and utility room in the basement until 30 December 2024.

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A temporary use permit should not have been issued for a residential area in the past.

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The PBE's letter noted that the applicant in charge had claimed to have external works to the north and north-west of the house, including the driveway and ramp to the garage. The date for the completion certificate is fixed as December 30.

Finansavisen was in contact with Øystein Stray Spetalen, who did not wish to comment on the matter. Architect Johan Kurz of Niels Torp Architects would not comment.

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