Australia: – Survived a helicopter crash: – A nightmare

Australia: – Survived a helicopter crash: – A nightmare

Four people have since been confirmed dead Two helicopters collide In the Australian city of Gold Coast on Monday, January 2.

Three others, including two children, were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

One of the helicopters managed to land nearby, while the other ended up upside down in the sea, surrounded by debris.

Two of the survivors are now speaking for the first time after the crash. It is written by Australians hv news.

I photographed the accident

New Zealand couple Edward and Marley Swart were vacationing on the Gold Coast over the New Year when they decided to take a helicopter ride over the city. They ended up in the middle of the crash between the two helicopters.

Australia: Four people are confirmed dead after two helicopters collided near Gold Coast, Australia, on Monday 2 January. Video: AP
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In a statement from the couple, republished in Australia’s ABC News, they described the incident as a fun ride that ended in a nightmare.

A tourist filmed from inside the helicopter in which the couple were sitting, the moment the two planes collided with each other.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the accident, but the cause of the accident remains unclear.

In the statement, the couple sent their condolences to those who died and those who lost loved ones, while at the same time sending their thoughts to those still in the hospital after the accident.

The pilot of one of the SeaWorld helicopters, Ashley Jenkinson, Australian Vanessa Tadros, and British couple Diane and Ron Hughes died in the accident.

Winnie de Silva and her nine-year-old son were seriously injured in the hospital, along with the late Vanessa Tedros’ ten-year-old son.

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– a hero

The Swarts were in the helicopter that managed to land after the collision. In the statement, they praised the pilot.

– To our captain who, in all that chaos, managed to land the helicopter safely, keeping us and those around us safe. You are a hero, thank you very much, the couple said in the statement.

Shock: The couple from New Zealand described the accident as traumatic and praise the pilot who landed the helicopter. Photo: EPA/NTB
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The couple vacationed in Australia with Elmarie Stenberg and Ryan Stenberg. Elmarie confirmed on Facebook that she too was involved in the accident, and remains in hospital on the Gold Coast.

– Yes, we were in a helicopter crash. I am still in hospital on the Gold Coast recovering from my injuries, she writes.

The Australian state of Queensland Ambulance Service reported that at least 13 people were being cared for after the accident Watchman Monday.

Notify the Accident Investigation Board with an initial report within six to eight weeks.

Aviation expert Neil Hansford told ABC News he believes the number of helicopter rides for tourists could become an issue when the accident is investigated.

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