December 7, 2022


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AutoStore gets a new CEO |  Finansavisen

AutoStore gets a new CEO | Finansavisen

34-year-old Mats Hovland-Fiks will be the new head of one of Oslo’s largest stock companies, the automated warehouse company AutoStore. The new CEO position will start in January 2023, and will be recruited internally from the position of Director of Revenue.

Therefore, the current CEO, Carl-Johan Lehr, will step down, but will work for the company until March next year.

Lier was involved when Autostore was a side project, carried out by four or five people as part of the Hatteland Group, in the late 1990s, and was chairman for 14 years. Today, the AutoStore is valued at NOK 61.71 billion on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

internal support

Mats is the main person behind the growth of AutoStore. Both the Board of Directors and Carl Johan agree that his strategic leadership and tremendous focus on marketing and deep internal support make him the obvious choice for the role, says Co-President Jim Carlyle.

Vikse was appointed Director of Strategy at AutoStore in October 2017, after serving as an advisor to Akastor-owned oil services company MHWirth, a company later merged into a joint venture with Baker Hughes’ Subsea Drilling Systems.

In July last year, just months before the October IPO, Fix became the chief revenue officer for the robot warehouse company. From January, he will take over as CEO.

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