Autumn will be like this for you:

Autumn will be like this for you:

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Health Minister Bent Haye have announced in September that Norway will be able to return to a normal daily life with greater readiness. Health Director Bjன்rn Goldwalk explains to Thackeray how the corona condition will develop over the next few months.

We had no idea what the situation would be like as there were no other countries to see us. No country has achieved population immunity (Flock Immunity Magazine.) Govt-19 confirms infection reduction. Goldwalk tells Platt that we may be one of the first people in the world to achieve this as a result of high vaccine coverage in the population, but emphasizes that this is uncertain.

He estimates that a large portion of the population will be fully vaccinated by the end of September, and that by then most people between the ages of 16 and 17 will have received at least one vaccine.

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The Goldwalk highlights two possible scenarios for autumn.

– Better yet, we will have a strong enough population immunity to push the infection down to those under 16 and adults who have not been vaccinated. In that case, we need very little action.

– But we may have more infections among unvaccinated adults and children, even if we still have large vaccine coverage we still have to deal with bigger outbreaks and the infection will increase. It is not possible, but it is not possible. In that case, we might have to take some action, but not so close to the intrusion.

– What do you think is the possible scenario for autumn?

I think we can move on from Step 4 to normal daily life with a much-prepared reopening plan in September or October.

How likely is it that we will have to reintroduce activities after going into a normal daily life with increased readiness?

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– I think it is not possible when it comes to intervention measures. At least we know by now.

Christmas Celebration: Goldwalk expects this to be the most common Christmas celebration in 2021.
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Pretty casual Christmas

The Director of Health hopes that we can enjoy a normal Christmas celebration.

– There is reason to believe that the Christmas holidays will be very common. We experienced an infectious bloom last fall and after the Christmas holidays, but I don’t think we will experience this problem as much as we did before this fall and winter.

– What do you think about it?

– In that case, it would be nice. That’s what we want, that’s why we offer the vaccine, and that’s why we encourage more people to adopt the vaccine. Although we hope and are confident that we will achieve vaccine coverage large enough to stop many activities, each vaccine taken will contribute to achieving the demographic immunization goal.

Vulnerable groups

The health director says three groups are particularly vulnerable this fall: well-vaccinated adults, those with weakened immune systems and children who have been vaccinated.

First, he says we need to do something to protect good adults who are not vaccinated, but it will not be commensurate with the epidemic control measures that are widely affecting the community. He says it is imaginary that a third dose of the vaccine will be given if it becomes necessary for those with a weakened immune system to achieve better protection.

– But we need to focus more on children. While we need to take good care of their health, it is important that we do not burden them with excessive activities.

Vaccines: In the future, health officials will decide whether to prescribe the vaccine to children under 12 years of age.  Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Doug Pledet
Vaccines: In the future, health officials will decide whether to prescribe the vaccine to children under 12 years of age. Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Doug Pledet
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Baby vaccine

Recently, the government decided that 16- and 17-year-olds should also be vaccinated against Govt-19. In the future, health officials and the government will consider whether children up to the age of 12 should be vaccinated.

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– What is most beneficial for children: Do they get a natural infection or get vaccinated?

– This is the question we are thinking about today. We must take into account that if children are not vaccinated, they may become infected within a year.

On the one hand, Goldwalk points out that some children are at risk of developing side effects from Covit-19 or childhood syndrome MIS-C. On the other hand, they are at risk of experiencing mild and transient side effects of vaccines, as well as rare and serious side effects.

– It should measure the best learning outcome, quality of life and continuity for school students. There are many arguments that many children serve us through vaccination, without being exposed to natural infections. The most important thing is what is decided for the benefit of the children. The decision to vaccinate children between the ages of 12 and 15 will be made relatively soon.

– How soon?

– I can not say any date, but it would not be appropriate to vaccinate children aged 16 and 17 at the right time, before vaccinating children of that age.

Corona Pass: The Director of Health believes that the Corona Passport will be used for long-distance travel between countries.  Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Doug Pledet
Coronapas: The Director of Health hopes that the Corona passport will be used for a long time for travel between countries. Photo: Christian Rider-Nielsen / Doug Pledet
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The European Union has created the facility to travel between countries. Since most Norwegians appear to be fully vaccinated in the fall, it may be appropriate for many to go abroad.

– I hope the Corona certificate will be used for a long time for travel between countries. Especially when it comes to border testing, but also when it comes to entry isolation in some parts of the world. It should be noted that New Zealand, for example, has more isolated rules for all countries. Many countries have been vaccinated more than any other country in Europe, so I think Corona certification will be used more for travel, Goldwalk adds:

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– At the same time, I believe that the availability of immunity under good conditions locally and the reduction of infection will be the basis for the gradual cessation of the requirements for corona certification in many locally conditions. Because if there are personal cases we will be protected to the extent that it will not be so dangerous. I can not say exactly when this will happen in three months, six months or until next summer.


It has been a year and a half since the Goldwalk and the Norwegian Directorate of Health decided to introduce the most invasive measures in Norway on behalf of the government and society in peacetime. He says he still wants to be director of health.

– On the one hand, it is good to see that we are in a situation where we believe that many health risks will not be as serious as we feared. On the other hand, working towards reopening is incredibly complex and it is very difficult to predict what will happen, so it is still a demanding task.

– It is said to be more difficult to open than to close.

– Now I will say that it is probably very demanding to close. For us, the health administration and myself personally, this was a huge burden. But it is clear that re-opening requires more refinement because re-opening will last over time. When you close, the most important thing is that you act strong enough to make it work.

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