Avalanche on Isfjorden in Rauma – NRK Møre and Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Avalanche on Isfjorden in Rauma – NRK Møre and Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Police announced Friday evening that one of the three Swedish skiers had died.

Three members of the tour group were sent to hospital after being caught in an avalanche in Rauma on Friday afternoon.

It was soon revealed that two of them were seriously injured, but one has now been confirmed dead.

He was airlifted to St. Olav Hospital in Trondheim on Friday afternoon, and the police are issuing a death certificate in consultation with his relatives.

– Operations manager at the Møre og Romsdal police district Eivind Klokkersund tells NRK that everything points to him being under the fog before he was taken out.

Operations manager Evind Klokersund says the weather made the rescue a challenge.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

He was admitted to the hospital

The other two have been admitted to Molte Hospital. One is seriously, but not life-threateningly injured. The other person is said to have sustained minor injuries.

Police said that all three are from Sweden.

Moneppa in Isfjorden, where a landslide has occurred.

Moneppa in Isfjorden, 756 (m) is considered a moderately demanding ski trip.

Photo: Otter Rydjord

The weather created challenges

Police were alerted to the avalanche shortly after 1pm, but weather conditions made it difficult for rescue teams to rescue the three skiers.

Head of Operations Per Tore Storbråten in the Møre and Romsdal Police District.  Three Swedish skiers were caught in an avalanche on Isfjorden in Rauma on Friday.

Operations Chief of Police, Per Tor Storbraeden.

Photo: Øyvind Berge Sæbjørnsen / NRK

Around 2:45 p.m Air Ambulance was able to do that via the cloud layer. A rescue helicopter was also at the scene.

Two of the more seriously injured were eventually taken out by helicopter, while the third was airlifted out by a rider.

– Today there were difficult rescue conditions. Heavy winds and turbulence in the mountains made it difficult for helicopters to navigate. So, we’ve sent teams on foot and skiing parallely, in victory Per Tore Storbraden was the incident leader from the police in the city.

A yellow warning was issued for strong winds in the area when the landslide occurred. According to Yr.no, a fresh wind blew from the south with a speed of 28 meters per second in Isfjorden. During this period.

Rescue operation Isfjorden

There were large forces at Isfjorden on Friday afternoon.

Photo: Øyvind Berge Sæbjørnsen / NRK

Great forces are at work

Several agencies went out to the public after the landslide was announced on Friday. Police, Main Rescue Centre, Ambulance, Fire Service, Air Ambulance and Rauma Sheriff’s Office were all informed.

The Red Cross, Norwegian Rescue Dogs and Norwegian People’s Aid also participated.

– We have just arrived and are wearing skis to climb the mountain, Øystein Valde, district manager of the Red Cross, told NRK on Friday afternoon.

According to the NVE Avalanche Warning, moderate avalanche danger has been reported in the area.

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